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    Where Is My Second Stimulus Check.

    I guess I am a oddball as I always loved work! Even when it was for $2.25 an hour. Now a days $25 an hour is the norm around here for starting positions.
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    Stand your ground: Shoot people without masks?

    It seems to me you have misappropriated responsibility for the shelter in place decree to liberals when it is cons who started it. Also as one of those who is a right to carry people I find your assumptions evil.
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    If CCW's were easier to get nationwide would crime go down?

    I doubt crime would go down. Out in the street crime might take a hit butt overall nothing will change.
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    Are the liberal states screwing the common man?

    You can have your huntsville as I will not go there let alone live there. California is how it is spelled.
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    How black will the royal baby be?

    Who cares about melanin? Melania might or donald might but I sure don't and i am sure the royal family doesn't.
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    Decade in the Red: Trump Tax Figures Show Over $1 Billion in Business Losses

    Quite possibly conservatives have this problem but liberals do not.
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    Decade in the Red: Trump Tax Figures Show Over $1 Billion in Business Losses

    The donald makes his money by not paying business's that he owes money to and then claims bankruptcy. In the mean time the money is channeled into another offshore account that is hidden from America. He is a slick schister and con man.
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    Trump v. Hitler

    Your list is only for propaganda purposes. There are a lot of low IQ voters who did put the monster in office.
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    Was Ronald Reagan that popular and well liked in the 1980s?

    Saint Ray Goon was elected because of his fireside chats reminiscent of the 40's radio. Also because people for one reason or another could not understand carter was a true christian and had problems with killing people. Taxes went up and jobs went down. I did not vote for him as I could see his...
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    California woman who berated man wearing MAGA hat reported missing, believed to be in hiding

    A maga hat is most definitely a sign of racism just like a southern battle flag is!
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    Why is healthcare prohibitively expensive in the US?

    Capitalism is the short answer.
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    Texas town reflects on dragging death ahead of execution

    Texas was a part of the southern confederacy of the 1800's and they have nothing else to be concerned with.
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    Trump v. Hitler

    The parallels of the two are quite similar in most aspects except military service and time in jail.
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    [W:1027] Abortion Semantics: "Unborn Children"

    re: [W:1027] Abortion Semantics: "Unborn Children" A fetus is not a human being until it can survive on its own outside the womb with aid from the female.
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