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    Dan Rather’s Legacy of Outrageous Liberal Bias.

    :rofl :spin: :spin: :spin:
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    Dan Rather’s Legacy of Outrageous Liberal Bias.

    Not true. While I'm no fan of Bill O'dildo, he is relentless on the GOP'ers who support driver licenses for illegal aliens and our borders.
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    Defense Attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr. Dies

    good riddance. He set a double murderer free.
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    Can you believe this stinking economy? Read this

    Maybe with all this economic progress, W can find a little spare change to close up our borders :thumbdown
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    Reporting For Duty

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    NK's nukes will blow up in their faces. They have no reliable vehicle to deliver them. Iran's nukes will be suffer serious 'technical problems', resulting in their being dismantled (quietly) 20 years later, a book will be written, mentioning shadowy Mossad figures.
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    Should we allow heterosexual marriage?

    This is the most absurd discussion possible. Why is anyone taking this nonsense seriously? :screwy
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    Stravation vs. Lethal injection...why not, Liberals?

    I would not want to live that way, no. I would not use the Bible to ensure my ongoing care, no. I would not want my earnings given to evil insurance companies,no. however, THIS CASE IS NOT ABOUT YOU,ME, OR THE EASTER BUNNY. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT WE THINK. What I am driving at is the...
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    Terri Schiavo's Bill

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    Terri Schiavo's Bill

    No I do not. I also believe that she is being killed, only one small step away from being murdered. However, her parents had over 20 times in court to have their sad case heard. Unfortunately, they lost. Everybody should take a long, hard look as this innocent woman is given less dignity...
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    If you have a blog - please post link here

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    New idea for reputation

    Being new here, what the hell does my opinion matter? So, I'll offer it :eek: The rep system seems to rely on the honor system. If someone disagrees with me, but respects my argument, they should leave either a + reputation point or nothing at all. If they are just trolling with obvious...
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    If only Terri were a porpoise.

    I live in a coastal area. Dolphins, seals and whales occasionally wash ashore. And when they are still alive, there is always the usual mass mobilization of well-intended people sloshing water on the animal to keep it hydrated, or trying to poke its mouth with fish meal or whatever concoction...
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    Iraq Invasion

    oh.sorry. I meant to type 'Whote' ;)
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    Iraq Invasion

    Anomaly, you ask for debate, yet so far I've seen nothing but rhetoric, assertion, opinion, and invective. While you may have a modicum of linguistic skills, it's clear that true classical debate was not a subject that garnered your attention. I have 3 long, horrific semesters of poli-sci...
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