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  1. StillPhil

    Daily Show's Survival

    It'll survive with no problems. The reason fake-news-shows like Half-Hour Comedy Hour didnt survive was because they only attacked Democrats/Liberals. The Daily Show makes fun of everybody.
  2. StillPhil

    The Conservative Movement

    Whatever you say.
  3. StillPhil

    The Conservative Movement

    :rofl Is this really how you think of yourselves?
  4. StillPhil

    Give Bush a chance....

    I COMPLETELY agree with Hautey. Liberals gave him credit when he deserved it. NeoCons gave him credit no matter what.
  5. StillPhil

    What did McCain do wrong?

    The Problem was he was nominated in the Primaries by "moderate" Republicans because he always came across as middle of the road. They didnt want a far-right candidate after the last 8 years of a President appealing to the far-right. Instead of focusing on those who nominated him, his campaign...
  6. StillPhil

    A Final Plea. NOBAMA!! Today in Politics

    :shock: Oh. My. God. :doh
  7. StillPhil

    Trick-or-treater, 12, shot to death, police say

    Trick-or-treater, 12, shot to death, police say This is one of the most horrifying stories I've ever heard. What. The. F**k.
  8. StillPhil

    Former Bush aide voting for Obama

    Former Bush aide voting for Obama Never thought I'd see this day. Weird. :shock:
  9. StillPhil

    Liberal terrorism

    Liberal Terrorism??? :roll: Sh it happens.
  10. StillPhil

    Campaigns Battle Over "Joe The Plumber"

    What disturbs me about this guy is this. He's just another person who is voting against his own self interest. I on the other hand am a LICENSED Barber. I make anywhere between $17,000 to $24,000 a year, the latter only if tips are good. I work for a company. Don't own it. I went to...
  11. StillPhil

    Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters

    It goes both ways... McCain/Palin's Ignorant Hateful Supporters .
  12. StillPhil

    Extreme example of Liberal bias in News

    I think he's calling you a cherry-picker.
  13. StillPhil

    Conservative News Source NRO is calling for Palin's head.

    I don't know squat about you? This whole comment says it all.
  14. StillPhil

    Conservative News Source NRO is calling for Palin's head.

    This whole comment is the epidemy of what's wrong with Extremists (like yourself). These people are running for PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT of the United States! Whoever wins will not be the President/Vice for only Conservatives or Liberals. They'll be the leaders of the whole country. Why...
  15. StillPhil

    Palin's Problem

    I want someone with common sense and intelligence to hold executive power. Not someone who thinks the war in Iraq is God's war.
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