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  • Good to see you back. Hope you can start posting regular again. You have been missed.
    you're crediting The income during the Clinton Administration to Clintons raising taxes which is a mistake. You know that the Baby boomers were at the height of their spending years(they're retiring now), we had a tech revolution because everyone was buying computers, cell phones, fax machines, flat screen tv's , and we also had an incredible stock market thanks to the tech revolution and the dotcom boom(followed by the dotcom bust in 98'). Believe it or not, all of these thing would have happened even if Clinton wasn't in office. Al Gore would have you believe otherwise, but it is not true.
    Was Clinton right to raise taxes in good times? yes, in order to pay down the debt, which he didn't, and to at minimum, balance the budget.
    Would these things have happened if you and I were president and VP? Yes! they would have happened regardless of who was in office. You can't say that these things happened because clinton raised taxes though.
    Hey! Hiya, nice to meetcha :2wave: Just read your post re: adopting special needs children. There is a special place in heaven for adoptive parents of special needs children, IMO.

    Hope the 'heaven' comment doesn't offend! Also, I sent you a friend request, hope you don't mind. :)
    Arg! I don't know why seemingly intelligent people don't understand the democratic process.
    Damn! you're just about the best poster I've ever read.
    I'm surprised you don't have a political blog or are a professional writer.
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