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  • I'm re-recording the big mix in post #2.

    I had an issue with the audio on the last couple songs.. basically my RCA cables burned out and I had to buy new ones.

    But, that liquidmix2 I posted is probably my best effort yet.
    Haven't seen you around the forums. Hope everything is going good and the world is treating you the way it should.
    Nice! How is London, I've never been. I am on the job hunt yet again, gotta stay focused. With regards to writing, I've been writing for Occupy.com for a couple of months now and they pay $100 an article, which is pretty good. I just started a series on fascism, which will hopefully be running this week. I email you what I've written although you have to promise not to share it with anyone :p
    You should post a new picture in the Tavern. Super cute Gathomas wants to see what you look like! :mrgreen:
    Oops! I sent visitor message to myself by accident.

    Anyway, wanted to say awesome! And thanks for the friendship! :mrgreen:
    Hey Smoke, I really admire your intelligence and how you keep your cool about you, so I sent you a friend request. Will you be my friend? :lol:
    I am glad you are well. I am doing good. It has been a rough time over all but am pulling myself together. nice seing you. Hugs
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