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    Does Islam have claim to the "Holy Land?"

    i meant Jerusalem city not the whole contry. do people mean by the [holy land] the whole country of Israel???????????
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    Gadhafi: Islam taking over Europe

    i want to clear out something here i am a muslim and i have read Quran many times. there is nothing about killing a man if he change his religion and nothing about killing or forcing people to get into islam i agree with you that some muslims exaggerating in islam ( i don't know why) but they...
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    Does Islam have claim to the "Holy Land?"

    i think the holy land should be international and for all different religions they all think that holy land will guide them the way to heaven after death why they should fight in this live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    To Kill an American

    when a country got the power over the world , it usually being so unfair with other nations. i look up in history and i didn't find any country to compare with how US deal with other nations. in my point of view : US is the best country who ever got the power in the world. there is a...
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    Is the death penalty more cruel than life in prison?

    in dealing with criminals, i think we should state our priorities: 1- is to protect people who haven't desecrated other people rights. then 2- try to solve the root of crimes . to reduce or eliminate crimes and protect others from making crimes. then 3- giving the punishment that not...
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    DO good citizens have to suffer?????

    I agree with you on that news coverage can deceive someone ( knowing lot of details about most of crimes is giving the feeling that crimes are increasing). I will try to get more statistics about crime rates to be sure about that point.
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    "War for oil"

    The prices of oil is going too high they said that oil consumption has increased!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the world growing within one year:confused: :confused: :shock:
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    Nuclear Iran? Wrong - Try Saudi Arabia

    i think Saudi Arabia think that US is the best ally to depend on for middle east security. and the US think that Saudi Arabia is the best ally to provide oil.
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    DO good citizens have to suffer?????

    I hope that you are right about the relationship of forcing death penalty and the increasing number of crimes. but what i see in my real life ( that the number of crimes has been growing as the death penalty and cruel sentence are almost not applied). what made me ask this question in the...
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    DO good citizens have to suffer?????

    I agree with you Mr JamesRichards the punishment should be equal to the crime. also it;s important to look up where do these crimes initiated and why? i wrote this thread upon looking around to many cases which they start to happen daily, after years of decreasing the punishment cruelty...
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    Economics of the Death Penalty

    i think it won't cost 500$ to exterminate someone including everything such as burying fees.
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    DO good citizens have to suffer?????

    i am not suggesting death penalty for rubbery i am just saying if we care so much about helping criminals to be good people we may succeed but, soon we will face an increasing number of people who do the same crime( they are not afraid of the punishment or the punishment is not hard enough so...
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    DO good citizens have to suffer?????

    You are right but don't you think that taking mercy on criminals will encourage others to make crimes ( because the punishment isn't enough to stop them) to clearly my point here is a man who wroks hard to get a Job, then he still struggling and working harder to keep up his Job. after 40...
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    DO good citizens have to suffer?????

    why should we take mercy on criminals who don't care about other people lives and rights? should the community have to suffer because of those who desecrate ( good people ) human rights. here an example if a village or a city had a plague. the smartest solution is to contain the city ( to...
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