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    Who's done Christmas shopping?

    I remember hearing about the delays last year. That sucks. Good luck this year that it doesn't happen. I'm going to try to enjoy these days off and fortunately I got most of my shopping done. Oh yeah, and I ordered the sunrocket voip service, but it probably will arrive after Christmas. Oh...
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    Why isn't american intrested in Soccer/real fotball?

    If you're able to do it for an hour straight, you are in incredible shape. That's another way to look at it. Soccer sure wasn't a waste of time for me growing up and learning how to be a part of a team, working with others, and developing friendships.
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    Who's done Christmas shopping?

    As I try to avoid any argument about whether I should have titled the thread with the word "Christmas" or "Holiday", please, tell me, are you done with your shopping? I'm pretty much done, but I'm tinkering with the idea of hooking my parents up with a wireless network kit, or SunRocket voip...
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    Anwar add-on to the Defense appropriations Bill

    Man, Stevens just doesn't stop does he? You think he's still irritated with Cantwell after he embarrassed himself by lashing out at her in front of the oil execs? I think this is pretty sneaky of the Reps to try to get this thing passed under this bill. We'll see what happens.
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    Using Dems Votes for War as Leverage in 2006?

    I think you hit it on the head with the continued scandals that crop up every other week with the Republicans. I just don't get it. People seem to be blind to it and believe it is ok that our countries leaders are accepting bribes on decisions that we elect them to make. It's crazy. All the...
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    John Kerry likens U.S. Soldiers to terrorists.

    Ok, ok, you're right. I should at least acknowledge some sort of explanation behind my comments. My interpretation of what Kerry said is that he was implying that the nightly duties of our soldiers is to go into homes looking for activity in which they are ordered to stop. By doing so, kids...
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    Using Dems Votes for War as Leverage in 2006?

    Thank you. I see it your way as well. That's why I'm so confused by some of the conservative comments I've seen lately using this as ammunition against the Dems. It just doesn't make since. What sparked my interest in this was an article I read about a GOP leader in WA, Chris Vance, and a...
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    John Kerry likens U.S. Soldiers to terrorists.

    Are you serious? Did you hear this interview? I did, and in no way did Kerry liken American soldiers to terrorists. The point is much different than that.
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    Federal Air Marshal fires weapon on a plane

    I agree completely. It's an unfortunate situation, but the FAM's certainly did their job and that is encouraging.
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    President Bush wishes you all a generic "Happy Holidays"

    I have to admit, this whole debate about what the Christmas/Holiday card says is kinda ridiculous. Does it really matter to organizations across the country. One way or another, somebody will be offended.
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    Using Dems Votes for War as Leverage in 2006?

    A few of the democrats have already agreed they made a mistake. Edwards said it and came up with an exit strategy. I respect that. Many of the democrats who voted for the war have now come back and said we should start looking at alternative strategies. The thing that bugs me is that these...
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    Howard Dean does it again, opens mouth inserts foot......

    I'm with you. Is Dean's statement that off the chart? Begs the question: How do you define "win"?
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    Using Dems Votes for War as Leverage in 2006?

    By using some of the Dems votes for the Iraq War Resolution, do Republicans gain a true upper hand, despite the fact that many of the Dems have come out and said they made a mistake and that many Americans believe they were decieved as well? Is this really going to be a hot button issue come...
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    Colts go undefeated?

    As much as I want to say yes, I don't think it will happen. It's too hard in this league. That no huddle offense they've got running, though, is pretty amazing. It works like a charm and Manning is really unbelievable.
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    So, what vehicle should I buy?

    I say go Honda, Nissan, or Subura. I've had luck with all of those cars and they seem to go forever. That's what makes or breaks the deal for me. I just want a car that will run into the ground.
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