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Shep Dawg
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  • Shep? Your already friends with me, why did you send a friends request? I'm confused....lol
    Hey, Shep! Lita said you may know where Goldendog is at, or have contact info for him? I was in the middle of composing a PM to him to say bye and I hope you'll be well etc when he got banned. I'd like to wish him well. Rough time, what with dad dying and basement explosions, etc.
    hey shep, Mia and i will be going back home at the end of the week so it may be sometime before i post again. i am not sure how much time i will be on between now and when we depart. i did want to say thanks for all the kind words and love that was shared. it will always be remembered.
    Alice is now in France. if you pm me and e mail i will get you a picture of where Del's ashes are to be spread. my e mail is katiewinters@live.com.

    i am happy to have had this time to share and know you better than i had.

    you are a dear person hugzzzz
    I am so thrilled that Del was able to be part of your life. You were so much a part of hers. She wrote that you were faithful and just a good person. I know that you touched her in many ways as well. Thank you for sharing with me how Del touched you. Always love and many Hugzzzz, Alice
    Del said that you jumped right in at the Tiki Bar. she told me you were a million laughs and rolled big joints. gotta love you Alice (Del's wife) and Katie

    thank you for all the thoughts prayers and beautiful words.
    Glad to hear things are getting moving with your business Shep! Things could be busier here with me.

    I heard from Katie yesterday and she said there was no change with Del. Katie said she will be back in Chicago the middle of the week. I continue to hold out hope for Del but things are not looking good.

    I hope things continue to do well. Drop me a note if you are ever going to be in the area.
    Yo Shep..nice picture there on your profile page...as the old saying goes.

    Blonde Prarie dogs have more fun...LOL.
    Found it!
    I'm falling asleep in front of the monitor (and on two different forums!)
    I'll have to catch up later---
    Thanks for the story on the coffee I knew I knew I would find enlightenment sometime today.
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