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  • Hey Sanitas. I bet you didn't expect your innocent IfAmericaKnew thread to go so nuclear, did you? I noticed you didn't contribute after the first post. I hope you were intimidated into silence. Your question was a valid one and I hope to see you posting again soon.
    All the best,
    uhm, what is your average foriegner gunna do in Florida? Disney Land obviously!!!

    And well, what do you expect from a southern state :p
    thanks dude ^_^
    yeah thats me in my gallery:)

    i wish i lived in America. you have really sexy peeps there. i went to florida about 8/9 years ago so, yeah, your girls are kosher (Y) lol. yup thats the primary reason i want to move out there =D
    Ah man cant be arsed for school to be honest mate. your crazy:/
    I have another two years to go btw.

    And sweet name sounds cool. btw: why add the caucasian part? lol. random.
    Im know mate! Summer holz can be boringg sometimes. Still dont wanna go back to school.

    Well, i pronounce it (san-ee-tas). Are you Latino or something?
    whats up dude hows it going? your relatively new here, i thought you joined before i did.
    I don't remember which thread it was in. I'd hope you were sure, though; there's people on this board that might be a bit more unclear as to their own self-identification. :shrug:
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