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    who do U think is the best president ever

    Good list, except I'd replace Jackson with FDR or Wilson. They led us through some major conflicts and set the precedents for modern political/economic issues (Keynesian economics and IGOs respectively..)
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    Neo-Con versus Neo-Caliphate

    Yes on both counts. The concern is not what the threats are or what needs to be done, but rather on how to do so. The U.S. has attempted to combat terrorism by fighting conventional wars. Freezing economic assets and working with other international organizations for faster response times and...
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    Dems DO NOT Support the Troops

    Have to highlight this post. This is EXACTLY the problem. And since when is it unpatriotic to practice your democratic rights? Must we all be sheep?
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    Why do so many people have to hate bush?

    Back on topic: Its for reasons like this that I hate Bush (KC's sig line). The Left does not want the U.S. to lose the war on terror. However, the left identifies that in its conception, U.S. intervention in Iraq was unrelated to the war on terror. The false pretenses which led us into Iraq...
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    Should the US lower the voting age to 16?

    If you think about it, even 10 year olds are taxed through Sales Taxes. I agree with the above statements that 16 year olds are not informed enough to vote.. Granted theres quite a few 20 year olds who aren't informed enough either :)
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    Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

    This shouldn't matter. People should say Merry Christmas if they are a believer, and Happy Holidays if they are not. People should also keep in mind who they are talking to. I'm not insulted by Happy Chanakuh displays, so why should it matter? Christmas can be a secular holiday as well as...
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    History books that warrant a good reading

    And its so unbiased! Yes I'm sure all of us Liberals are illiterate... Thats a real smart conclusion. You completely ignore the fact that perhaps liberals don't read books by pundits, which are notorious for being inaccurate. Perhaps you should rephrase your argument to say "liberals don't...
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    The Real German Holocaust

    We can always resort to the "you started it!" argument. This was war... the Holocaust was systematic ethnocide of gypsies, jews, homosexuals, and other minority groups within Europe. You judge which is worse: trying to win a legitimate conflict or exerminating your own people....
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    Gay rights.

    gays have rights?? Just kidding :D Sorry I don't know enough about this subject myself. I'll ask my housemate (he's gay) and see if I can find out anything for ya.
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    why admire napoleon?

    Agreed that his military ingenuity won him acolades. However, its also been said that Roman legions would have easily destroyed him using the superior range of their artilery. Napoleon's success was the result of using a new tactic of clumping artillery together rather than spreading it out in...
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