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    politcs prep dumbass shits

    I think this kid is like 12. He used "fag" "lol" and "rock on" in the same paragraph...
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    How would you like to die like this?

    The yankee-lover is right (misguided though his passions are)(Go Twins..) If I showed you a picture of a man immediately after being electrocuted do you think that would be pretty? That you'd feel a deep sense of justice? No, you would see that it is a human and be disgusted. The only...
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    Most Failed World Leader Of The 20th Century

    It's "en garde". And you can speak your mind without thrashing a dead man with that level of disrespect.
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    Greatest Military Genius Ever

    It was paranoia. He wasn't so impatient to beat the british and attack the russians that he turned his entire army away from a certain victory. He was paranoid because he thought that Russia was going to attack him. If he hadn't done that he would have taken England and the war would have gone...
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    Greatest Military Genius Ever

    I didn't ask who the most successful was. I asked who the greatest genius was. Just because these men (and woman) didn't succeed doesn't mean they don't classify. Last I checked they all failed eventually And if you knew anything about Kosciuszko you'd know that even if his accomplishments...
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    Greatest Military Genius Ever

    I voted for Hitler. Though his motives were dark his methods were infallible. His only weakness was paranoia.
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    Most Failed World Leader Of The 20th Century

    You are right, I could have made my point without calling him that. So I apologize. Though he is here to defend himself while Reagan is not.
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    Most Failed World Leader Of The 20th Century

    This is how a coward debates. You are a coward. If you don't have a strong enough argument you think harder, you don't pull out some crass insult. I had gained quite a respect for your opinions until I read this.
  9. Roundhouse!

    Most Failed World Leader Of The 20th Century

    I picked hitler. NOT beccause he was a failure. There are many more people on that list (and not on that list) that failed far more than him. I picked him because if he hadn't succumbed to paranoia and withdrawn from a certain victory over England to rienforce his Russian borders he would have...
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    Selective Service Card

    So this selective service card I've gotten in the mail.. What exactly am I signing up for when I fill this out? It says that the penalty for not signing is prison time but I don't want to fill out something that I will get arrested for not filling out. Any insight would be welcome.
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    The Bali Nine

    No you are thinking of the Shapelle Corby case. Similar, she got 20 years but these nine are in a lot more trouble than her.
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    Michael Moore - liberator or slanderer

    I really do think Michael Moore is such a complete self-righteous cantaloupe I did enjoy bowling for columbine. But the lows that man allowed himself to drop to in his "quest for the truth" made me so angry. Case in point: In bowling, Moore went to visit Charleton Heston. First he lies...well...
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    The Bali Nine

    Is there much talk of the Bali nine anywhere in the world? I know their trial hasn't started yet but I still can't find any opinions on them. >I know Wikipedia isn't a news source but this basically outlines it< I understand that they were in another country and broke that country's laws, but...
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    Not all Musulims are TERRORIEST BUT ???

    Re: Not all Musulims are TERRORIEST BUT ? I don't know about that specific discrimination but I wouldn't put it past them. There are definitely some assholes in this country. But what people don't realize is that there are just as many in every country. You can't tell me you've ever been to a...
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    The Bravest Man Alive is.......

    Ha! Ludahai you must really hate China! I read your post on the Worst People In History thread. Growing up in Hong Kong I have always had a strange affection for China, this has nothing to do with my view of any of their policies or state of affairs. I would love to hear the other side of the...
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