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  • I saw your post in an S & S thread. Happy Birthday! :)

    Hope you enjoyed your day!
    Hello, Rogue

    Sorry I have not yet responded to your post on the SSM thread. I was suspended (again). I've had enough. The moderators on this site are overzealous (and overbias) to the point of absurdity. I am tired of getting suspended everytime I'm in the middle of a debate because some sniveling dunderhead gets his feelings hurt (as he should) after failing to put any effort into his posts and getting on everyone's nerves.

    You, on the other hand, are a worthy adversary with whom it is a pleasure to debate. Your posts are usually intelligent and thought-provoking. I recognize that you put a lot of work into your last post on the SSM. Perhaps, after a month or so, when enough of my infraction points expire so that I will not be interrupted with yet another annoying suspension, following yet another inane infraction, after yet another crybaby goes whining to the mods, I will return to DP with a rebuttal.

    Enjoy your holidays and keep up the smart posts.

    Au revoir,

    The Amy Farrah Fowler quote.

    I hope to join the military after college. I hope those whom are politicians continually refer to as "professional" aren't nearly so narrow-minded as to be so butthurt over gays serving openly in the what is supposedly the most professional military force in the world.
    1) I love your signature

    2) I seriously don't know how you can keep up with the testosterone in those threads when discussing DADT. I'm so exhausted from debating cpwill and apdst on DADT issue the first time I just don't care anymore. Keep up the good work.
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