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    What is the best investment?

    Just about the best advice for anyone. :cool:
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    Economics of the Death Penalty

    I think life in prison is the easy way out. They are allowed to watch t.v., play sports, communicate with others, etc. They don't have their rights but I think they are given too much freedom in prison for the particular crimes they have committed. If prison was just a black hole for life, with...
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    Clintion good or bad?

    That pretty much sums it up.
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    Clintion good or bad?

    I honestly believe in everything that Clinton's chief advisor said about him. He didn't work hard enough when it came to torrorism when he had 10 chances to take down Osama Bin Laden. I think Clinton dropped the ball..
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    Hey everyone

    Thanks for the intro everyone!
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    Hi from the good old Europe :)

    Hey bub! Good to see you here!
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    Post yourself.....RIGHT NOW

    Attached file is me. The one on the left
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    Hey everyone

    I try me best to debate online and only online. :lol: Being a conservative here in massachusetts sure is tough..but hey.
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    Economics of the Death Penalty

    Agreed 100% I don't think cost should be the decision maker in what action to take..I had a debate in class where this girl used cost as her defense to keep someone in jail for life..I asked her why should cost matter?? and she stumbled after that.
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    Hey everyone

    Thanks everyone!
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    Republicans Hired Lewinsky to Seduce Clinton

    hahaha sure is funny!
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    Hey everyone

    Thanks everyone!! The designer did a great job with the layout, colors, etc..Looks very nice!
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    Frustrated…so I rant.

    haha that's your stupid opinion and you are entitled to that:mrgreen:
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    Sex or Lying?

    Was not Clinton impeached for lying under oath?? What if he did not lie under oath...? Do you think he still would have been impeached?? I can see your points about Bush, but he was not tried in a court of law and he did not lie under oath. You would only be correct if a day like that comes.
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    Was Carter Really Such a Bad President?

    I wasn't around during his times...but I heard from many people around his time mention that mortgage rates were that of a credit cards rate (20%+) and unemployment was also pretty high...
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