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    Abortion is here to stay . . . . thank Prochoice Bush . . .

    AHH! This stuff just drives me insane! I don't speak hebrew, but I do know for a fact (I started a thread on the subject) that the 6th commandant's true translation from hebrew to english is "Thou shalt not murder". Murder is killing, but killing isn't murder (kind of like saying a square is a...
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    Next up?

    I'm not sure but I don't think we'll be getting into a war anytime soon after we're done in Iraq. But the most likely candidate that we would war against would probably be N. Korea because they pose the largest threat, but like I said I'm not really sure.
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    More Immigrants or Less

    Should U.S. allow less immigrants into the country or should the maximum # of immigrants per year be increased?
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    War on Terror is bogus

    Squawker: Excellent! I couldn't have said it better myself :clap:
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    Flag burning

    What exactly does burning a flag express? How the hell am I or the government supposed to know what a guys angry about when he's burning a flag? The flag is a living symbol of our democracy that many have died for and I don't like it getting screwed with because some guy doesn't like the way the...
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    Sixth Commandment True Translation

    Sorry Shuamort I'll stop and thank you for fixing the title! January, Hmm, well I'll admit that I did insult you at times in my reply but I don't think my whole reply was just some nasty hate letter to you but if your feelings are hurt by my beliefs then I'm not one to judge. Let's not be...
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    Sixth Commandment True Translation

    Re: Sixth Amendment True Translation woops! Yeah, I kind of screwed up the title there, Shaumort - oh well. But I really want to reply for mister January. Nope, I'm not jewish, and I love it when it when Jews named January try to explain exactly what I am ignoring so that it fiis my personal...
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    Sixth Commandment True Translation

    I'm getting sick of all these liberals/anti-war protesters twisting my god's words around. Most of them think the 6th commandment is "Thou shalt not kill" when actually the true translation from Hebrew is "Thou shalt not murder" and some of you will argue that they're the same thing when they...
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    Republicans on Gays: What's the Problem?

    You guys are making it seem like republicans can't get along with gays- that's not the issue most republicans have with gays, the issue is gay marriage. Personally, I don't care who or what you do in your bed, what I care about is whether gays should have that right to marry. There are only two...
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    Soviet_Guy: "Europe is greater than America, it has survived for centuries and was the core of civilization, what do I think, invasion and the conquering of Capitalist America, that's what." You got to be kidding me, you think Europe's survival makes it great? It makes Europe look bad. Ponder...
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    The Pledge of Allegiance

    I dont know if anyone else has said this in the replies yet but I think god can mean different things to people of different religions, it could be the the father of Christ, the jewish god (which I hear is the same guy), or Allah or any other god figure of any religions. My Jewish Algebra...
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    Independents vote here!

    Now we all know that Republicans are for the cause of the Iraqi war and that liberals want isolationism. But I've often wondered what independents have to say on the issue.
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    Independants vote here!

    Now we all know that Republicans are for the cause of the Iraqi and that liberals want isolationism. But I've often wondered what independants have to say on the issue.
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    Pedophile Punishments

    I had no idea which forum this thread should have been in so I put it in this one. Personally, I think child molesters are worse then serial killers, and therefore should be punished more severely. Pedophilia (Maybe I spelled right maybe I didn't- I don't care) is not a mental disease as...
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    Self-Esteem boosting too much of a priority?

    I think too much self-esteem is the problem, if kids get treated with hugs and kisses and all that liberal bull, and get points for effort because they didn't want to do their assignment doesn't prepare them for the world at all. They think that just because they are getting spoon-fed throughout...
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