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  • You'll pull through, I'm sure of it! I've been pretty good, just took a little break from forums for about 9 months, it does a body good!

    Its good to see you again!
    I'm impressed! Excellent! Sounds like the track you are on make take you on a much more riveting life than mine!

    Put your ethics first always and speak truth to power and you will make a difference in the world. And we need you!!!! :peace
    Thanks! It did work out well for him. Since his home port was San Diego, he qualified as a CA resident and qualified for their tuition free education. That along with the G.I Bill got him through college and he is about to retire as a civil engineer from Sacramento.

    Being opposed to our war in Vietnam, and a member of the Church of the Brethren, I applied for and received my CO status which required 2 years of alternative service.

    Right after I got my CO status my draft lottery number came in the mail. I had a very high number which meant I would not be drafted, but I decided to go ahead with my plans to to join Brethren Volunteer Service (similar to the Peace Corp and Vista) where I worked in a free health clinic and was a teacher's aide in an inner city middle school.
    I also got involved in the anti-war efforts of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, as well as efforts through the Church of the Brethren.

    How about you? What's your background?
    No, just a deck hand. Our father died at a young age, and my brother got in some minor trouble with the law (he and some friends poured 3 gallons of paint over a cops personal car that had been harassing them) so the judge gave him a choice of enlisting or being charged.
    That's cool, I was just curious. My brother was on the USS Coral Sea off the coast of Vietnam. :peace
    ok use jobsmyjobs.com it may or may not work for you. or get a flash drive with Calc.exe on it
    nope she wasnt kidding XDXDXDXDXDXDXD im as ADD as a gnat. i cant sit still.
    Im slightly ADHD but after neuro-feedback that killed most of the H in ADHD so mostly just ADD now. but yeah its true for the most part.
    hehehe ... yep, he's a tool. I guess that is an old-fashioned word. I'm not actually THAT old, not sure why I used it. Sorry, I didn't see your note last night, cuz you wrote it on your wall instead of mine ;). Have a great day! Learn lots :prof:
    I don't really, lol. I met him a few weeks ago at Political Forum - US & World Politics Forum

    He's a tool, let me tell you :2razz:
    Iwa. He's also in high school. Did you mean that you were a junior in hs?

    I gave you the link to his profile below. He's a new member of the forum. He's a little crazy, I have to warn you :mrgreen:. Crazy, fun, tho.
    Would you be interested in meeting a slightly crazy (just kidding, Vestie!), slightly ADD teen, repeter?

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