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  • merry christmas red .)

    Yeah, I am a poli sci major with a concentration in international relations. I am also minoring in African-American studies.
    I didn't get the Iran article published, but I did get my most recent blog post published here, here, and here
    LOL, I just ran across your essay on Allende...you're a right-wing, Trojan-horse, fifth columnist piece of ****.

    "Red Dave" my ass, you ain't even pink.
    yup sixth form. Turkey is a good pick i reckon, for international relations - considering its in the centre of it. And relations between the West and Middle East - Turkey isnt Middle Eastern per se, i see it as in the middle or more commonly an "extension of Europe" but that really depends on the direction Turkey takes more than geographically talking. Turkey takes a more mediator approach to Western political approach to ME countries and in most cases is on the Western side.

    Turkish shares alot of common wording with the French, and German characters (same pronounciation) and the Latin alphabet, with some arabic words too.

    Do you know how to pronounce the Ş Ö Ç ı ü ğ
    Is the Turkish coming on or the odd word? Its an interesting place Cyprus. University sounds hard hard. Good luck hopefully everything will come on eventually. What are you studying? Your a postgraduate i take it too? And why Turkey anyway?? me with the questions lol.
    Kaya burada :)
    hey, sorry about not replying to your text. no kontors!! i was busy that day anyway

    im leaving in two days!!! morning flight!!!! will we have a chance to meet up??????? message me here im not going to get kontor no point anymore, hope we get to meet cause i wont be around till febuary!!!
    hello red mate. im coming to Ankara in 4 days. Hopefully we can meet up.

    Take care
    that would be great definetly we should arrange something! actually ive arrived since time of post but anyway yeah, im out here for another 3 weeks. My grandparents are Turkish on both sides so we have family out here, some funeral im afraid so ill be out here missing school. May i gave you my number? That way you can text me or call whenever you have a problem. Im fluent in the language and know how the system works so hopefully i can help you out. And what did you say the problem with your mobile phone is, exactly? Ive had absolute hell getting mine chipped to work out here. If you dont get it chipped, when you make calls, you'll be charged at UK rates. Anyway ill explain more later. Hope all is good.
    Sorry for the late reply! Really am!

    Uhm, yes, im familiar with Ankara. Lived there for a number of years. If you need some help getting around or understanding how Turkey works, from mobile phones to your basic day to day ****e, or even the language, please dont hesitate to ask mate!
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