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    PROOF Bush LIED about Iraq!

    Or is the "civilization of the middle east" coined perhaps by the so called "experts" a danger to the interests of the Empire of the United States? Did you ever think that the status quo of the US is a danger to the Middle east? Perhaps not. "Always Faithful" does not translate into "Always...
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    100% Proof that Russia is supporting terrorisim!!!

    Well then I guess the US should have sanctions imposed on them as well, right? Do you agree? After all Donald Rumsfeld was responsible for the supposed nuclear threat from North Korea. http://www.guardian.co.uk/korea/article/0,2763,952289,00.html "Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, sat...
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    Old documents-US planned terror attacks

    :rofl Thank God they work hard. PS if you think that the Northwoods Document is a "Holy Grail" your sorely mistaken.
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    Old documents-US planned terror attacks

    That was a ridiculous statement based on the content of the thread, my arguement and the link I provided. Maybe you should re-read everything again, but this time more slowly. I know it is fun for your type to twist, distort, and spin things as you have with this thread. I have read and...
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    Old documents-US planned terror attacks

    PS paul, before you open your mouth and say something as ridiculous as the link I provided had only secondary sources, perhaps you should spend the time to actually read the site. Copies of the original declassified documents were right there for you to read. I simply searched the net for...
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    Old documents-US planned terror attacks

    Don't be a friggen idiot! How many members of our government ok'ed the plan until it was rejected? Answer that. Think about it. This was a dead serious plan that was proposed, but of course they would never ever plan terrorist attacks on their own people, even if their own declassified...
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    Physics Prof Says 911 an Inside Job

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    Physics Prof Says 911 an Inside Job

    Got a link?
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    Democrats Still Clueless About Airport Security

    Also look at the borders. Why does the government want to give us national ID card, track and moniter every phone call, email, and purchase, search are homes without probable cause, take away our consitutional rights, yet all the while they leave the borders wide open. Wide open. And they are...
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    Bush Lied: The Evidence

    This Trajan guy is a funny dude. He will believe anything he hears in the main stream media. They won a court case, guess its true! lol. I just heard on Fox news (very relibable) that Saddam blew pixie dust on Baghdad right before he was captured. That is the real reason Iraq is now...
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    Why do so many people have to hate bush?

    History judges everyone accordingly. Unfortunately we live in the present. I honestly don't see how anyone could see Bush as anything but a failure. Afterall, go to Google and type "Failure". See what your first hit is LOL. But dont you liberal sheep try and get the conservatives panties all...
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    Old documents-US planned terror attacks

    Documents, documents, they always tell a story. Especially declassified ones. Operation Northwoods: The official government plan to carry out terrorist attacks on its own citizens to justify a war. But that was a long time ago. They wouldn't do that today. Or would they? As always, do your...
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    Vietnam/Iraq comparison

    A war that can not and will not be won, resulting in the slaughter of countless humans both military and civilian, based on lies. Just like the Gulf of Tonkin, where the US sent thousands of our boys to death in the jungles of Vietnam based on the now confirmed (by declassified documents) lies...
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    Of Course Iraq Harbored Terrorists.

    BTW nice spin. Pull the old "Saddam killed a bunch of people" card. We all know that retard. Thats not the point. Two wrongs does not make a right, Mkay? Tell me this. Did the US fund the Isrealis when they irradiated and killed nearly 100,000 children in a supposed treatment for Ringworm? If...
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    Of Course Iraq Harbored Terrorists.

    This debate has nothing to do with nick berg. Its funny how your type likes to spin arguements that have nothing to do with the debate at hand. What does nick berg have to do with this? I'll tell you. You have no real rebutal to the the debate so you pull something unrelated into it as a smoke...
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