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    True or false?

    Yeah, it's an ideal - not a reality. No person should be above the law.
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    Do you pee sitting or standing... not a question for the ladies...

    I like to piss on the campfire embers before turning in for the night. I haven't got the guts to try this sitting down.
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    Did you have a hot rod?
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    I started out on the old Yahoo Message Boards. They allowed you to have up to 6 separate ID's. Got into a lot of debates with creationists, during which the phrase "random mutation" became part of standard vocabulary. Which gave me the idea for the name. Also I liked to gamble. So "random"...
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    What American Schools Should Teach About Race, Racism and Slavery

    Not a good example. He was treated bad by one person - not by this country. She lost her job and was charged with a crime for what she did.
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    Even if Dems win both seats in GA....

    The couple is irrelevant. The baker would refuse to make a cake celebrating interracial (or same sex) marriage even if there is no couple. If a movie producer needs it for a scene in a movie, he'll need to get it somewhere else. If a group of people want it for a celebration of the Supreme...
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    Even if Dems win both seats in GA....

    He's not refusing because of the couple (SS, IR, etc.). He's refusing to make the cake because of what the cake celebrates. He's refusing because of the message. He refuses to make any cake that expresses any message he objects to. He won't do that for anyone.
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    Even if Dems win both seats in GA....

    It would depend on the baker’s overall policy. If he refuses to create any cakes that celebrate IR marriage, then he’s not breaking any law as far as I know. Furthermore, he does have a free speech right to refuse to make cakes celebrating IR marriage. It would be a reprehensible policy, but...
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    MIT Scientists: Data Analysis Of Election Fraud In MI Shows 69,000 Votes Were TRANSFERRED From Trump To Biden!

    The conclusion is based on a baseless assumption. From the article: "In other words, if a given precinct tends to vote 60% straight Republican tickets, we would most likely expect to see about 60% of people in that precinct who vote on the individual ballots to chose Trump as well." There is...
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    Even if Dems win both seats in GA....

    I agree. Other protected classes don’t have the right to require a business to create something that expresses a message the business disagrees with. So, the LGBTQ class should not have any such right either. They should have the same rights as any other class. No more. No less.
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    Even if Dems win both seats in GA....

    They'll probably make LGBTQ a civil rights class under federal law. That's OK with me as long as there are safeguards protecting the free speech rights of bakers, photographers, videographers, etc. who choose to not make items that express messages they disagree with.
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    It's come to this ...

    BTW, if it's any consolation George Will is doing the same. Here he is in July
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    It's come to this ...

    LOL. I sympathize. I had to do the same last week.
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    Would a Robin-Hood style tax be good?

    It's not an ID card. It's more like a credit card. Most businesses already have card readers.
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