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  • Had an Oops moment- did not see that I had like the post- then liked it -which removed the liked it. Sorry for the oops moment I had.
    Hm, can't say I agree 100%, but I appreciate your honesty. As for incest, I figure there's no real harm to anyone, and if they want to have a child with genetic defects that isn't even born yet, that ought to be their right. If incest is iffy because that unborn/pre-copulation child would be deformed, shouldn't abortion also be illegal, because of the life and death consequences? And if the right of the mother overrides the consequences of the to-be-aborted child's life, shouldn't there also be a right for parents who get pregnant with child as a result of incest?
    Interesting. How does incest and polygamy fit in, out of curiosity? :mrgreen:

    I disagree with the drugs part, if they're the kind that make you crazy and dangerous..
    Hey, thanks for friending me! To be honest I don't remember what your main political views are. Wanna help me out a bit with that, please? :2razz:
    Just reminds me of that Oatmeal comic. My guess is you've seen it already

    Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived - The Oatmeal
    There's an impostor. :lol:
    View Profile: duhu - Debate Politics Forums
    You're doing well on the drug dog thread. Nobody can keep your rhetoric from sticking. :2wave:
    Hey sweetie- you need to clear some space in your inbox. I can't sneak my pm past your guards. :lol:
    Hehe- I wish. I give it my best, and let the chips fall where they may. :mrgreen:
    Thought you might be interested in reading this, if you haven't already. It's an old piece, but applicable to the geopolitical climate of today.:)
    Huntington: Class of Civilizations
    Thanks for the backup in the "Would Jesus be a liberal" thread.

    (You should join our anarcho-capitalist group, BTW :) )
    If he orders me to be reality based and logical one more time my head is going to explode!
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