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    Just wanted to say hi. Hope things going well your way. sure would like to become your friend.:2razz::peace
    Well this a most plesent surprise, I love seeing old friends.
    I am well, and hope you are the sae:peace
    You are too kind Medusa,

    Hey, Cat , good to hear from you old freind.
    What's this Political Hotwire, we moving again lol
    How many forums does this make Cat?

    Ok, drop me an E-MAIL with a link I'll check into it.
    See you there, my e-mail presluc@yahoo.com.
    Later, freind
    Hey old friend, I wanted to let you know that I found several of our old friends at Political Hotwire, and I am also posting there if you would like to join us there as well!
    LOL a good joke, I'm glad you are doing well friend.

    Keep the faith, POWER TO THE PEOPLE, PEACE OUT
    Glad to hear you are doing ok! I am doing very well. Much better than last year! Good joke! Sad but true! LOL! The other day someone told me how to find Texas. You drive west until you smell it, then you drive south until you step in it! :sun
    Well, I haven't got around to changing my profile yet , but I switched from Democrat to Independant.

    I see you are still in the thick of things my old friend ,just like the old days 4 forums ago. lol,lo
    Hey Presluc, Good to see you here! Yeah, just not enough people there I think. You doing okay? I'm real glad to have you around!

    Peace my brother! :sun
    How's it going Cat?
    I tried to stay loyal to that other post but it seems all we dwere doing were discussing the same subjects.
    Presluc! We are over at this other place sweetie......Political Props - come and join please........((hugs))
    Presluc!!! Thank you for the pic of Katie......she's beautiful! Gorgeous! Cutepie!!! OMG, you must be so proud!!! I'm so glad I see she came home? How is she doing? Awwww....I'm so happy for you and your family....I miss you......take care sweetie....I'll talk to you soon! ((big hugs))
    my dream is that someday we will be able to defy the upper crust and throw away class separations. to fight for the legitimate division of wealth to all the workers of the world. i have a vision of no nations but one global people that work side by side as brothers and sisters. they each one receive the pay that they are entitled to.

    the world does not see this yet. they are steeped in the ideals of wealth and more. the have's and the have not's living apart so the rich need not dirty their hands.

    there is to much poverty and when i say poverty i mean those that have zero. they live off of the scrapes of the rich. it is not fair.

    Americans are looked at by the world like some mystical empire where everyone has everything and there is no want. that is a shame.
    that is really so true. the rich are always given a break and the poor are not. it is just the way it is. it sucks and is not fair but everyone seems to work it that way.
    that is the way to be open minded and take the individuals as they are. that is what i try and do. i find all people want pretty much the same things and we can get along.
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