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  1. pragmatic

    Serious Question For The Trumpers On Here

    Agree with the general premise of your thread/question. One would think that Trump supporters should be outraged that their contributions did not go into a legal defense fund as claimed by the Trump team. But at the detail level it does not appear the money went into "his own pockets" either...
  2. pragmatic

    California Attorney General Unlawfully Released Names & Addresses Of 250K CA Gun Owners

    This event sounds more like a screw up than it does an intentional act. The investigation is appropriate. If it turns out the gun ownership information was maliciously published then the perpetrator should certainly be prosecuted. But from what has been reported so far it appears more like...
  3. pragmatic

    Michael Stenger's Death Before Jan. 6 Hearing Sparks Conspiracy Theories

    Pelosi had him offed. The bitch. (You heard it here first folks.)
  4. pragmatic

    BREAKING NEWS -- Surprise Jan 6 Hearing On Tuesday, June 28th With A Surprise Witness

    There was an old saying in the world of Chicago political corruption when insider witnesses start to flip: "The first ones on the bus get the best seats." If participants in the Trump White House misbehavior start seeing a possibility that they personally may be facing criminal charges, there...
  5. pragmatic

    The meltdown has been epic

    Well many of the resulting posts on the thread certainly seem to support your premise. ..
  6. pragmatic

    The meltdown has been epic

    Except they didn't lie. They said explicitly that the 1973 Roe V Wade decision was established precedent. Which is accurate. They never said they would (or wouldn't) support the reversal of that precedent. Clever wordsmithing on their part? Absolutely. Were they coached on how to phrase...
  7. pragmatic

    Roe v. Wade a “victory for white life,” - Republican Representative Mary Miller

    Somewhere there is a list of the stupidest things a politician ever said. And Miller's idiotic Hitler comment has to be in the Top Ten... ..
  8. pragmatic

    Roe v. Wade a “victory for white life,” - Republican Representative Mary Miller

    Your comments suggest you didn't even bother to watch her speech. (or that you are just being disingenuous.) The crowd reaction was the natural response to "the victory in the Supreme Court yesterday". In which Miller was leading them in applause. It had nothing to do with the fumbled...
  9. pragmatic

    Roe v. Wade a “victory for white life,” - Republican Representative Mary Miller

    Agree. She just fumbled the words. According to her staff the speech said "right to life". Her saying white life didn't even make sense in the context of the sentence. Miller can/should be ostracized for supporting and embracing Donald Trump. Am all good with that. But when trivial events...
  10. pragmatic

    Well, As Expected SCOTUS HAS Struck Down Roe

    Your statement is incorrect. No decision has yet been made by the court. A draft from last February was (mysteriously?) leaked to a political website. In a month or so we will/should see what the actual Supreme Court decision is. For now we basically have a lot of speculation and random...
  11. pragmatic

    Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows

    Personally think the abortion guidelines established in Roe v Wade are good/appropriate. Focused on trimesters and viability of the fetus. But also believe that those rules belong in legislative statutes....not a questionable 50 year old court interpretation of the Constitution (which was sort...
  12. pragmatic

    Why the right-wing is having a complete meltdown over the Supreme Court's leaked anti-abortion draft

    Objectively speaking. Am seeing a much greater "meltdown" from the left side of the aisle regarding the leaked draft. Mostly insults, distortions and partisan rants.....rather than addressing the actual topic at hand. ..
  13. pragmatic

    [W:#425]Deep shit. Meadows is in it.

    Agree. Nice summary. Am sharing the same confusion on this particular new "outrage".
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