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  1. PNW Guy

    Biden has destroyed us

    How would you feel if all your expensive guns were taken and you were thrown in a Fema camp by the dirty democrats? Have you no humanity? Biden took all the freedom the MINUTE he was inaugurated! Don't you FEEL the oppression?
  2. PNW Guy

    Biden has destroyed us

    Remember when Barack HUSSEIN Obama took all the guns and imprisoned all you conservatives in FEMA camps? Well Biden is gonna do that and worse ANY DAY NOW! Oh and they also have plans to FORCE you to be gay married!
  3. PNW Guy

    Where Jacking-up the Minimum Wage Leads ...

    As if you know what you're even talking about! Modern automobiles have diagnostic computers that tell the mechanic everything wrong with it, Today's mechanics basically install and remove parts, turn nuts and bolts, there is less skill involved in mechanics today, than at any point in...
  4. PNW Guy

    Trump Running Mate

    Kanye West Then the idiocracy will be complete!
  5. PNW Guy

    Very encouraging signs for the 2022 midterms ...

    IMO primarying some of the Dem dead weight could go a long way to help Democratic voter enthusiasm.
  6. PNW Guy

    UPDATE: True the Vote Prepared to Go to Police in Georgia with Video Evidence of Leftist Operatives Dumping Thousands of Ballots into Georgia Voter Dr

    Yes you show EXTREME GULLIBILITY with a regularity. You "got it" in abundance and it's almost as hilarious as it is pathetic. :rolleyes:
  7. PNW Guy

    Trump offers to fight Biden in a boxing match: 'I think he'd go down very, very quickly'

    Seeing as old Joe rides moutin bikes while rotund dumpy Trump struggles getting in golf carts to tote his fat ass around from hole to hole to cheat, well I think old Joe might take him.
  8. PNW Guy

    George Bush Delights Democrats, Infuriates MAGA World With Veiled Jan. 6, 9/11 Comparison

    Personally I have never found Dubya to be the "pure evil" hardcore conservative that Cheney was. I think sans Cheney he might have been an OK president. The reality of his two terms is that it was a way to get unelectable Cheney to run the country from the shadows. When dubya asserted more...
  9. PNW Guy

    Psilocybin decriminalization in the United States

    Mushrooms are a natural medicine. Well worth exploring in my opinion. I live where the most potent ones grow. To be honest good experiences far outweigh bad ones. It's impossible to explain without having experienced it but there is a moving spiritual aspect to it. I think it's a positive...
  10. PNW Guy

    Ten Facts About Social Security Insurance

    I know a few would be genuinely delighted. They'd blame the income less pensioners for not being "personally responsible ".
  11. PNW Guy

    Ten Facts About Social Security Insurance

    Think of the joy you'd feel if millions of old folks lost all their income and medical coverage! Would be a conservative utopia seeing all that suffering, all deserved for relying on government right? :rolleyes:
  12. PNW Guy

    [NSFW] The Poltiical Video thread

    Bite your tongue, that's prime stable genius speaking! Chy-nah respects his large uhbrain!
  13. PNW Guy

    Social Democrats

    Justice Democrats and getting money out of politics are perhaps our best hope! Why are we better off with corporate bought politicians on both sides, acting in the best interest of corporations who pay them? Why wouldn't you want more politicians to stop taking corporate money? Why wouldn't...
  14. PNW Guy

    Ron Jeremy, adult film star, indicted on rape and other sexual assault charges

    Prison won't be pleasant for Ron....
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