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    Guns, Drugs, and inconsistencies.

    You have that racist part exactly backwards. The Native Americans were certainly a consideration then, and they had good reason to be. Native Americans often violently attacked settlers. Note that I'm not saying that it was right for us to take their land. The second ammendment was mainly...
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    Guns, Drugs, and inconsistencies.

    So, here's something that I just don't quite get. Those on the left say we need to outlaw guns. Those on the right often like the war on drugs. Funny thing is, is that so called liberals defend drugs for many of the same reasons that so called conservatives defend guns. So, what's the deal...
  3. PhotonicLaceration

    Hillary or Condy?

    One of the biggest things that I don't like about the Republican party is those who are for censorship. Now with Hillary you guys can get the perfect candidate, you can get those qualities too, the perfect president for all you anti-gun, anti-movie, anti-videogame, safety loving appeasement...
  4. PhotonicLaceration

    Why do conservatives hate LIBERALS ???

    Heh, I like the spunk, but I don't think Kerry wasn't very intelligent either. :mrgreen: Sure, he was an "intellectual", but at Yale he got straight D's as a Freshman and ended with a 76% average at Yale, which is 1% lower than Bushes score. I know, that's not an accurate way to determine...
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    Why do conservatives hate LIBERALS ???

    Excuse my rant, that was awefully close-minded of me... But you asked for reasons why someone might not like Libral ideas, so I decided to say why. There's pleanty for me to rant about conservatives as well, but for some reason they don't seem like their candidates have been as stupid as the...
  6. PhotonicLaceration

    Why do conservatives hate LIBERALS ???

    http://www.answers.com/liberal&r=67 That's a definition of liberal, yet for some reason none of those qualities seem to be present with the "liberal" ideas. Okay, now I think liberals need to understand something else. We DONT hate liberals... We don't like their ways of thinking. Like...
  7. PhotonicLaceration

    Why do conservatives hate LIBERALS ???

    They are so concerned and seeing with finding out which conservative institutions are making riches off of their donations and see that people are lining there own pockets, yet somehow they remain blind to the stealing and corruption that happens with their own institutions. They are...
  8. PhotonicLaceration

    Why do conservatives hate LIBERALS ???

    Okay, they also stereotype people as clumps, and they are so divided amongst themselves that they can't gain enough political victory for any one idea to actually get the use out of it. Any idea they somewhat share will only be used half-*** and if they just half-*** all their ideas, I'd rather...
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    Why do conservatives hate LIBERALS ???

    This is odd... For some reason none of my options exist.. How about these ones? They like to jump to conclusions and answer problems that don't exist. They make religious decisions not based by fact. They are afraid to do anything and stuck in the dark ages. They are afraid of change. (Nuclear...
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    http://www.krqe.com/expanded.asp?ID=11742 Here's the actual article... You're wrong on a few of the specifics. The person who stabbed this woman was her ex-husband, and the person who shot him was a 72 year old man unrelated using a ccw license. The man with the CCW was put in custody...
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    Affirmative Action

    What do you think about Affirmative Action?
  12. PhotonicLaceration

    Racists tend to be Pro-Bush?

    I've seen some pretty racist people on both sides of the spectrum. There is definitely a lot of anti-gay Bush supporters though. At the same time, there's a lot of the same stuff coming from people who voted for Kerry, and I'm seeing about the same amount of people on both sides that are...
  13. PhotonicLaceration

    If the Arab ME became democratic would there still be hostilty towards Israel?

    I think that if all the Arabic countries of the world had modern government systems, their relations would probably become closer to Israel. I think that probably the Muslims that are most opposed to the state of Israel are the more hardcore extremists and uneducated ones. I think, that if all...
  14. PhotonicLaceration

    My take on the abortion issue.

    Thanks Busta! If you have philosophies based upon science, it's still open game as far as I'm concerned. The Greeks learned a great deal about the Earth from philosophy and discussion. Though they were wrong about a lot of the specifics, they got a lot right too. Especially with mathematics.
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    Philosophy on the definition of life. (And Robots?)

    It seems like the main thing that seperates human-programmed computers from natural computers as of this day and age is the linear processing of the man-made ones. The linear processing is still found in the most simple organisms, and we are making less and less linearly coded software and...
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