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    Regulation of Cell Phone Use

    Sadly, I'm old enough to remember the days where people would actually go out in public without a phone. We didn't even have play dates for our children. You could buy raw milk if you wanted the kids to learn how butter is made and if you wanted to live in a tree house you could. Not only that...
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    90% of Apple Chargers Sold on Amazon are Counterfeit

    Thoughts? A. "Online shoppers beware for most marketplaces online are fully loaded with fake Mac chargers and cables that are so close to the real thing, they even have Amazon fooled!" B. "We're inundated with bad phony products from China, and some of these fake Apple chargers have killed...
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    Sowell Nails it Again

    I really don't see much difference in the two leading Democrats. They are both lying, cheating, greedy jackasses.
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    Trump encourages and promotes bullying

    Mr. Trump is a bully who hires attorneys to do most of his bullying. Sen. Clinton is a bully. She hires James Carville and an army of flacks to do her bullying. President Obama is a bully who bullies from the safety of the White House and when he leaves, we will still being paying for the little...
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    Regulation of Cell Phone Use

    "In recent years, the number of websites offering “cell jammers” or similar devices designed to block communications and create a “quiet zone” in vehicles, schools, theaters, restaurants, and other places has increased substantially. While these devices are marketed under different names, such...
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    Rejoice! Fundraising Has Officially Stopped

    Nonsense. For the greedy fundraising never stops. I'm sure Sen. Clinton is still accepting money to her "foundation" and Donald Trump is planning his next big venture, "Trump Space Travel." Okay, so it never leaves Atlantic City. That's no problem for Donald.
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    Editorial Concerning Police Today

    This is an editorial from the conservative Washington Times. Some of it I agree with, some I disagree with. "Cooperation between residents and cops is indeed a key to preventing an us-versus-them attitude from growing on both sides of the badge. President Obama has spent his presidency fanning...
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    Get your child to steal for you...

    Only thirty years as a cop, seven dealing with juveniles and the welfare system and reading the newspapers. I am not argumentative but I'm also not a liberal who thinks government solves all problems. I could tell you about foster parents I had to deal with, and arrest, but that would just be...
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    Pentagon demands return of cash bonuses paid to California soldiers for going to war

    Re: Government screws up...soldiers pay The bonuses were what the recruiters said they should be so how would the soldiers know there was a problem. When didn't the generals and the auditors know there was a problem at the time. One should never underestimate the incompetence of the government.
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    Get your child to steal for you...

    If it were worse once out of 25 times, I'd agree. Sadly, in many jurisdictions, that isn't the case. I have friends who have been foster parents, adopted some of the foster children and were wonderful. I've dealt with other foster parents as a police officer where the children were sexually...
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    Report: Votes switched from trump to hillary in texas

    Nice try but total fail. Democrats have to have fraud and Texas still has Democrats.
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    STUDY: 91% of Trump Coverage HOSTILE...

    Sorry, but the Democrats promising the unions that they would pass the Card Check Bill is blatant disrespect for democratic institutions. The Democrats insistence of having voter fraud is blatant disrespect of democratic processes. The Democrats saying you can learn what's in the ACA after they...
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    The Mortgage Bubble Was The Democrat's Fault

    Ah, yes, the socialist propaganda. I owned stock in a small family bank. They were harassed by the feds for not giving mortgages to deadbeats who's financial history indicated they wouldn't pay or their financial status indicated they couldn't pay. The bank quit issuing credit cards because...
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    Bush I and "Read My Lips..."

    Presidents don't levy taxes. President Bush thought he'd made a deal with the Democrat congress. He learned that Democrats don't honor their commitments and think those who do are fools. It takes two to make a peace but only one to make a war. When you're dealing with a group who reject all...
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    Bush I and "Read My Lips..."

    Traditionally, ex-presidents haven't tried to stay in power. Presidents Carter, Clinton, and soon, Obama have erased that tradition.
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