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    Trade your votes for president - is this ethical

    Ethical ? - depends on your outlook of course . Seems like a good strategy which may work in the situations outlined , but , yes , it scares me . The Republicans are not out there trying to get out the vote as much as they should , in my opinion. I explained to my college student son that it...
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    'Superman' Christopher Reeve Dies at 52

    Truly one of the greats and lived his greatness even to his last days. We also lost Rodney Dangerfield and Ken Caminiti , formerly a great baseball player
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    Do you like the new forums?

    Question - how can I make the replies follow the starting thread ? Seems backwards to me to see responses ahead of the opening . never mind - I remembered!!
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    Do you like the new forums?

    Yes , I like it - just like another board I frequent. Just need more participants.
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    Id rather not.

    Rather I would defend the radio station's decision not to air Rather . It is a business that has the right to choose what is on the air from it's signal. Rather is supposed to be a news outlet , while the other personalities aired on Charles' station are opinion and talk shows.
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    Saying hello from just south of Houston , Tx. I am a refugee from a closed forum , just like to say hello , and get acquainted.
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