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  • cape fairweather to cape suckling coastal area-
    500 am akdt sat jun 27 2009
    .today...mostly cloudy. Periods of rain diminishing in the
    afternoon. Highs around 56. Light winds.
    .tonight...mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain. Lows
    around 43. Light winds.
    Ah, my blog is entirely to longwinded and self-absorbed for my tastes. Which is one case of cognitive-disconnect if there ever was one. Heh.

    Well thanks, and as you think of the cold weather in whatever the hell you are - be glad you aren't here in beautiful Indio California. Where it just hit 100. It's a scorcher.
    Hey there OC, it's "Coolio" from The Political Hotwire... "Oneway" from The Mighty Righty.
    Good to see you.
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