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    Child Support - Moral Dilemma

    You are in a tough situation and I don't envy you having to deal with anyone with an alcohol problem. That being said, the complete logic of the situation seems to be: You said she barely makes enough to keep her lights on. So forcing her to pay child support on top of this would likely result...
  2. Ntharotep

    Three moms attack McDonald's service worker for being too slow

    Take their children away and put them in homes for starters. They obviously don't deserve to be parents. I'm not sure why they don't let me run things...
  3. Ntharotep

    Why restrict 'good' gun owners, resident asks President Obama at town hall

    You'd be surprised. The gun was probably the easiest way (I haven't read enough to see how he obtained the gun) but explosives can be made a lot more simply than some people realize.
  4. Ntharotep

    Why restrict 'good' gun owners, resident asks President Obama at town hall

    No U.S. citizen should lose a single Constitution-granted right without being prosecuted in a court of law. Its really a no brainer.
  5. Ntharotep

    Do you think Donald Trump is showing early signs of dementia?

    No. I think Trump supporters show late stage symptoms of it though.
  6. Ntharotep

    John Brenan Warns ISIS as Dangerous as Ever

    Isn't this kind of a no brainer? I mean Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi hasn't taken a bullet to the head as far as I've heard right?
  7. Ntharotep

    Does The President Using the Label "radical Islamic terrorism" Accomplish Anything?

    Re: Does The President Using the Label "radical Islamic terrorism" Accomplish Anythin I couldn't get past the irony of having the President and accomplish anything in the same sentence so I missed the question.
  8. Ntharotep

    Newt Gingrich wants new House Un-American Activities Committee

    The answer is yes. Abolish political parties. ;) All of America has moved to Iowa? On a serious note I never thought we could be looking at a dimer future than Bush and then Obama. If this keeps up, the 2020 ticket will be Hitler or Manson.
  9. Ntharotep

    Why try to find "the" alligator?

    The reason to find the gator is to make sure no other victims are drowned by the animal. Generally, Disney relocates not destroys gators from my understanding though in this case they may destroy the animal in order to pander to their customers (which as cold as it may seem is rather...
  10. Ntharotep

    Jeh Johnson: Gun control is now a matter of homeland security

    That was sarcasm I'm pretty sure. I know I'm an expert on the matter but you seriously took that sentence seriously? Seriously? And this is where it always ends up in this debate (which is rather dull and repetitive to begin with). "Nobody is coming for your guns. Nobody is talking about...
  11. Ntharotep

    Democrats mount gun control filibuster

    I suspected it might be something like this. Sounds too sloppy just to remove someone's rights to me. But that's just my opinion. I think "terrorism" has become too much of a special snowflake to begin with. Giving the Government carte blanche on removing people's 2nd Amendment based on a...
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    What is the Role of the US Military in Today's world?

    Actually. There's a **** ton of Walmarts in Germany and many in Japan. In Germany, you used to have cobblestone streets with architecture that spoke of ages and ages. In many areas, this has been replaced with Walmarts, McDonalds and other conglomerates that have puked themselves all over that...
  13. Ntharotep

    Obama/Clinton Insinuate Al Of Islam Is A Terrorist Religion

    Taking a war to another people to "wipe them out" is not defending yourself. Its akin to religious genocide. Its the crusades. Or the "cleansing" of Arabia. God has never asked man to wage war on those who don't believe the same as His followers. If you do that then you are not simply defending...
  14. Ntharotep

    The Most Hilariously Beta Gun Grabber of All Time

    If this kid lied about his experience then I don't feel sorry for any social discomfort he faces. No. And if he can't get his facts straight then he shouldn't be reporting on anything.
  15. Ntharotep

    Was the Orlando shootings and attack on the United States, on LGBT...

    Very much so. Most shootings are a bit when the information is still getting itself together. I just hope this is an isolated nutjob and not a sign of a larger threat (though we seem pretty good at preventing the more organized incidents so it might only be a fluke which would also be a small...
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