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    My own paradox!

    Wouldn't the unstoppable object simply bounce off the immovable object? By this occurring the immovable object wasn't moved and the unstoppable object never stopped. Never thought of the unstoppable Object just bouncing of in a different direction. So it needn't stop and the unmoveable needn't...
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    The Atheist Delusion 2 : Deluded Mailbag

    I just saw the one, which I think was the first one. klick Funny. This one is not that good.
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    An Explanation of Progressive Taxation

    And I think it is fair that you give me all your money and starve to death. Than you will win the Darwin Award. :roll:
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    An Explanation of Progressive Taxation

    Off course and because it is obvious there are so many people supporting your strange hypothesis.
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    An Explanation of Progressive Taxation

    And you think just because somebody could possibly have a disabled kid everybody with a high income should pay less taxes. I know America isn't a state with a great social system but in most European countries such parents get money back. There is a thing called Kindergeld (child benefit)...
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    An Explanation of Progressive Taxation

    That's dump. A man who earns much and spends all his money on buying useless stuff may not be able to afford a new house. But he can save some money. The one who hardly earns enough won't be able to just save money for anything and cannot even consider spending money on useless stuff. When...
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    Vote for Atheists?

    I think you don't get what most call em Atheists really "believe". I for my port and I think I'm not alone don't oppose the Idea of some kind of god (deity) call me Agnostic in this field but I oppose the Idea of a personal god and that you can call "atheistic". It's only the Theism that I...
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    An Explanation of Progressive Taxation

    That's like saying everybody CAN be rich because we have a nice game called lotto. :mrgreen: I don't see Flat Tax as fair. I think progressive Taxation is fair because those who have much can spend more without any problems while those who hardly earn enough need every single dollar. The Idea...
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    Vote for Atheists?

    I don't know many people of my age or younger personally who are theists thus believe in a god. If my generation is old enough, I don't think there will be much non Atheists left to vote for. As I am an Atheist myself, don't have aproblem with this developpement. Sure I'd vote for an Atheist. My...
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    An Explanation of Progressive Taxation

    It's a bit strange that so many people in America seem to think they pay to many taxes. Let me tell you the income tax in Austria looks like. 0 - 10000 Euro 0% - 25000 Euro 23% - 51000 Euro 33,5% 51000 and more 50% One Euro is about 1.3 USD. But living in Austria is afaik more expensive than...
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    ID and the like VS. Evolution.

    Intelligent Design is the evolutionary product of creationism. :lol:
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    Favorite Food?

    Deer, wild boar and all this animals with this special meat. Thats definitely the best meat, with a Lingonberry-sauce. :mrgreen:
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    Do Athiests/Skeptics Have An Imagination?

    You can also put this the other way around. All the Theist who didn't believe in things like Heliocentrism. Didn't they have enough imagination? or were they only afraid of the idea that they aren't the center of everything? There are many examples like this.
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    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    Exactly if they want to teach creationism then do it in Relgious Education. That's actually the point and if you wouldn't teach evolution then you also mustn't teach everything about DNA, functions of cell, miose, mistose, .... I think you have to stop teaching biology because everything has...
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    IQ and Genetic Limitations on Educational Achievements

    Did you know that a child gets more intelligent if you give him fat food until the age of 4 and vice versa? Only a bit. But especially insufficient food can decrease the Intelligence of young kids.
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