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  • Thanks for the like. Really enjoy your posts. Your a good poster/debater here and your opposite view on subjects is really supplemental to debates and perspective on issues.
    Maybe they're just playing dumb about death panels and actually understand how health care will need to be rationed.
    The dock's been slowing down over the past few months, so we haven't gotten as many brokerage orders to take care of. I wish I had more to talk about besides work though. The boss takes me out golfing every other week, and we go out to lunch and dinner with clients, but it's always professional. I really need to get out from living in the middle of the woods.

    What's your new gig? I can't believe Roberts pulled a fast one like that either. It's a garbage argument. Not only was he a tool for the Presidency which refused to make the "general welfare" argument itself, but "general welfare" is an anti-social concept since it projects utility preferences among everyone.

    People don't care anymore though. You have upper class elites who want to preserve social status, and working class populace who just want things made easy. I don't like meritocracy because it makes tools of the middle class, but this ideology destroys social mobility among independent free thinkers.
    Well I feel better knowing that others observe this same behavior. I'll just chalk it up to it being his personal style. Thanks for helping me out. See you around the board.
    Maybe your right. But he comes off as a pompous douche, and it irks me when he claims that I'm the one who is intellectually dishonest.
    Thanks for the like in the libertarian thread. Sometimes when I talk to haymarket I really think I'm going nuts!
    Yea, I'm not sure if ikari's male or female either. Guess it couldn't hurt to ask.

    Anyway, I remember ikari being a physicist and a pragmatist back on politicalcrossfire, nor very fond of market anarchism.
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