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    Have GPUs jumped the shark?

    Life does exist outside of the gaming world. :0) Transferring mathematical equations from the CPU to a GPU is common practice in a MPP. An MPP environment can have thousands of systems, so a bump of even a few percentage points per GPU can make a big difference.
  2. natsb

    Decision Time. Do I go with Sony, LG or Samsung?

    I took a different route... I left the TV where it was and got some very comfortable recliners. My neck and my backside are very happy with the arrangement.
  3. natsb

    Decision Time. Do I go with Sony, LG or Samsung?

    We have all three, with the smallest being 65". You can't go wrong with any of them. The LG is in the bedroom because it is curved and gives the best view from anywhere in the room without having to tilt it. The Samsung is in the Family room because it is the only one we can watch with the...
  4. natsb

    How Republicans are winning over Hispanic voters in Texas: 'Democrat policies are failing them'

    Being Latino (Puerto Rican), I grew up with certain rules: Latino = Catholic + Democrat. It was not up for discussion or debate. Boy have things changed. I still remember how my mother clutched her pearls and sighed "Oh, Meho" when I announced that I was voting for Reagan. Voting for a...
  5. natsb

    Bernie calls for vote on BBB, and smaller bill if needed. He's right.

    That is fair. I hadn't considered the ten year part. At my pay scale, $1.9T is indeed massive. I guess it's a matter of prospective.
  6. natsb

    Bernie calls for vote on BBB, and smaller bill if needed. He's right.

    Just wondering... The Military bill was $731B, the BBB was $1.9T. By what measure is the military budget "far larger"?
  7. natsb

    Internet Limitations By States

    It is not easy. Anything on the wired network will be blocked. If one was near the border of a free State, they could pick up a wireless signal for a while. Picking up a wireless signal is easy to detect and finding the person doing it is equally easy. Therefore, the person using wireless...
  8. natsb

    Internet Limitations By States

    Traffic blocked at the firewall never makes it to any server; Government or private sector. As far as allowed content, there are two ways to handle it. 1) Allow all traffic to pass and block what is on the blacklist. 2) Block all traffic and only allow what is on the whitelist to pass. Most...
  9. natsb

    Internet Limitations By States

    There are network devices known as firewalls. There are also network routers with firewall features. One feature of firewalls is called blacklisting. Any address on the blacklist is blocked. When the State controls the blacklist, they control what makes it into their borders. There are...
  10. natsb

    Sex/Gender free law

    I hope this exercise has limits. If male and female were removed from code, the people in my field would have a difficult time determining what to do with electrical connections.
  11. natsb

    Which 4WD car should I buy next year ?

    I would also suggest looking at Subaru. They are AWD rather than 4WD, AWD is a far superior solution for everyday drivers. Even better that most AWD cars they are symmetrical AWD. That means all the wheels drive all the time. This works a lot better than the cars that only kick in the rear...
  12. natsb

    Obama to Return as President

    Obama cannot hold the office of Vise President because of the verbiage in the 12th. Therefore, the OP's premise is moot. A little more creativity is needed to reinsert the Obama. The Speaker of the House is third in line and is not required to be a member of Congress. Once elected as...
  13. natsb

    Obama to Return as President

    Not to be a party pooper, but... Obama is not eligible to hold the position of Vice President. "But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States."
  14. natsb

    My Computer is Taunting me to Upgrade to Windows 11

    Windows 10 will be supported until 2025, so you still have four years to think about it. I didn't lose any sleep over upgrading from my flip-phone, VCR, or 8-Track. I won't lose any sleep over upgrading from Windows 10. Except for turntables, it is okay to let old technology slip into the...
  15. natsb

    Free word processor for Apple computer

    Does it need to be installed? Both Google Suite and Office Online are free.
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