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  • Yeah, this is my first major election as a member here. I had no idea what to expect. I hope things get back to normal after the election is over. I hope the crappy reasons you had to leave for a bit are all resolved now. I agree with you about Redress. He's a very big part of the board. I really just want him to come back and know that he's ok (and I'm sure he will be).
    Aw, how kind of you. Frankly I am awed and saddened at people who get so over-invested in their "status" they can't tolerate any disagreement or criticism. Lord have mercy -- what relationship of any depth IRL is 100% free of such things? Yet somehow, people expect more of their "internet friends".

    I have been wrong. I have changed my mind. I have been known to continue to like people I reasonably disagree with. I've been known to ask forgiveness, and to give it. And when I feel someone's posts are a lost cause, I stop reading them. I don't (usually) hound them to death.

    Some days, I think the 15 or 20 adults on Planet Earth that behave like adults on the internet should form of coffee club, LOL.
    Some people cannot bear to be disagreed with, missypea. I know we can both name a few -- I like that you and I can admire each other even when we don't see eye to eye.

    And I love your nick, your posting style and your avie.

    :) Awesome! I thought the same of yours. It's a really odd thing, I guess. I saw things others just utterly miss but they are like a whack in my brain. It's cool to meet someone else who is like that. :)
    I hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend. :) After discovering we share the same "talent", I couldn't not add you. :)
    Redress!!! I missed you too. I'm going to try to be on at least once a week. I think I just overloaded myself, got so wrapped up in issues and posting that I didn't really have a good balance in my life. Funny thing is when I left here, I was helping take care of Gary's mom and then got hooked on Farmville. I guess I needed an escape that didn't stress me out. Anyway....now I'm trying to live my life with moderation in all things. So far so good! What forum are you posting in? So far I've only hit a couple of the Insurance Mandate forums.
    I am sorry for your loss, and you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Welcome back to the boards, we have missed you terribly. You are our thousand points of light.
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