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    Lets Take Back Congress!

    Take back congress from who? What purpose would there be in takening it back? Sadly most americans don't understand the issues or the problems that the congress or senate face each day. Seldom do we watch what is going on in congress like we watch what is happening on 'American Idol'. Both...
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    Country Stars Blast President Bush

    Interesting. If country music stars start turning on the polictical powers that be then expect fans to start following their lead. Unfortunately that is the way it works in America. Get music or movie star involved and everyone starts to listen, even the news makers.
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    Is Bush a "lame duck?"

    There is no doubt that Bush is a 'Lame Duck'. When your own party will not back you on something like the ports deal and actually turn against you both publicly and privately then your on a long run toward the end of your term. No doubt that over the next several months he will have no choice...
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