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    Does Anyone Think the ACLU is nuts?

    Then who defends the non-christians against the extreme right?
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    Does Anyone Think the ACLU is nuts?

    You know, I can completely respect an opinion like that. I'd be perfectly alright seeing them if all other religions could be given a fair shake. I think the real problem is that in our country any religion other than Christianity isn't given a fair shake. For example if the wiccan tennet of...
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    Does Anyone Think the ACLU is nuts?

    I'd still venture to disagree as all three of those religions share a common ancestry (my views on religion are slightly different that most). Note commandments 1, 2, 3, and 4. None of those are societally based like stealing or adultery are. 1,2 and 3 are specifically relating to...
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    Does Anyone Think the ACLU is nuts?

    I don't think the Constitution could remotely be considered as being based on the 10 commandments, modeled after perhaps but not based on. The other problem with that case was that the 10 commandments are singularly religion based, they are a Christian concept not a Buddhist concept, not an...
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    Does Anyone Think the ACLU is nuts?

    I'm quoting this since it's what the ACLU has always been about, the right to free speech for all Americans not just free speech for the topics you like side with. I think the biggest thing that gets so many of you up in arms about what the ACLU does is that you don't seperate emotional ties to...
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    Texas Electors Not Required To Vote With Popular Vote

    This is one of the reasons I'm too terribly thrilled with the whole electoral college voting process. If a candidate wins the popular vote they should win, period. The idea that an electoral college voter could vote their own their own agenda just strikes me as assinine, particularly because...
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    U.S. Funds Chat-Room Surveillance Study

    Thank you secure IM clients :rock
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    First Lady, Edwards Clash Over Bush Stem Cell Policy

    So, even though ADULT stem cells are breaking ground (as proven by Tasmin above) - you are arguing that we still need to pursue embryonic stem cells? Trying to clarify. I think what this boils down to is "should we play God"? No, I'm not necessarily advocating continued embryonic stem cell...
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    First Lady, Edwards Clash Over Bush Stem Cell Policy

    I have for the most part, though I do appreciate the extra information your links provided. To be honest, I agree that embryotic stem cell research is nothing more than a heading for the abortion issue at present. I still feel that a lot of our failure in that regard is not necessarily due to...
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    First Lady, Edwards Clash Over Bush Stem Cell Policy

    Frankly, I think Bush's policy on banning embryonic stem cell research is moronic at best, and short sighted and potentially retarding the medical industries research at worst. The reason I say this is that the policy is simply based on moral idiocy when it comes to using fertilized embryos for...
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    Stern: I'll Be Gone Soon

    The problem with saying that "Not only is it against the FCC regulations for his actions (words, context, and time), it is against the spirit of what America is." is that if we censor people based on the fact that we don't like what they say, then what is the point of free speech? The whole...
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    Judge blocks partial-birth ban

    Well my opinion on this one is a little odd..... For starters, I do feel that a womans right to choose is something that needs to be protected. On the other hand I personally don't feel that abortion should be something used as a type of contraceptive. In the case of rape, yes abortion should...
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