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  • merry christmas luna .)

    Hey Luna, I saw that you were telling someone you are in Idaho for a bit :) I live in Boise. Welcome!!
    I didnt mean to sound offensive, but it has been my experience from other forums, that you can't have a conversation with those kinds of people, unless you agree with everything they say.

    I should know, I played around with all kinds of politics myself, to develop my ideas
    Lucy, you're supposed to write on the other person's wall, not your own !! :lol: Click on 'View Conversation', type in the text box on that page, then the message will go to the right place.

    Oh, and, it's nice to meetcha :2wave:. I sent you a friend request :)
    Listen, beotch, goose is for low-class HOs like you. Refined women like me enjoy turkey.
    Hans is about as bright as a bettey crocker oven lightbulb, oh yeah and he cooks like a hamburger helper reject ha ha
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