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    Should a Man have an Absolute Right to Choose to Abort His Baby?

    A woman decides if a sexual act will happen, unless as Lizzie explained, the act is rape. If a man doesn't wear a condom, then don't ride his pony. You really need to think before your speak.
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    Minimum Wage BS

    Yes, you've been driving around in the neighborhood.
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    Miss America crowns 1st winner of Indian descent; racist tweets flow [W:216]

    Why place the spotlight on the winner instead of the judges who chose her? Apparently they have excellent taste.
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    Bodies not even cold, and Feinstein politicking already...

    If someone wants to get their hands on a gun, they will. This man had been treated for mental illness and passed a background check to buy a gun. I'm seeing the problem as gun control, but rather mental illness.
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    Chicago's Black Ghetto

    Your quoted theory, which you've wrapped around George Zimmerman is an obfuscation of the issue. Are you suggesting, along with the original author, that black ghettos caused Trayvon Martin's death?
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    Bodies not even cold, and Feinstein politicking already...

    The shooter was mentally ill. Why not focus on mental illness?
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    should the burning of holy books , national flags be banned ?

    Do you think it's because they are simple-minded like the people you described earlier?
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    Why is GOD punishing Colorado?

    Genesis 9:11-16 I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.” Relax knowing this is what God said to Noah. Think about climate change.
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    US Police arrest Florida pastor

    Do you ever tire of embarrassing yourself?
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    should the burning of holy books , national flags be banned ?

    In your infinite wisdom, can you tell us why ***** Riot was jailed?
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    Minimum Wage BS

    When and if you learn that no every one subscribes to your embedded views, you'll be on your way to learning. Just because I do not find you to be perspicacious doesn't mean that I'm a brawler. The mere fact that you've been on several different political forums doesn't impress me in the least...
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