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  • Oh nooooeeesssss Lita is still hung over from last night! :sick:

    j/k!! Hope you had a lovely day, and are having a lovely night. Catch ya tomorrow :2wave:
    We partied like there's no tomorrow. I woke this morning with a hangover and a huge mess to clean up but I had a great time. Have you ever played Euchre?
    Will do for sure. I'm getting my fill of kitty love right now, then I'm really off (lots of head butts and purring going on right now, lol). She's the funny kitty, only loves on ya when you're doing something, like using the computer ;)
    Sweet dreams! ((((( Hugs ))))) for you and your mom. Thanks for another lovely evening in the Tiki!
    "In my house, in my house"... I'll be your sugar in the morning and the sweet stuff you yearn at night, I'll satisfy your every need and every fantasy you think of "Professor" Lita. :wink:
    I invited a few of my friends over for some beer and Euchre, care to join "us"?
    Yoo hoo, Avon dude calling. Just dropped by to say Hello, is it me you're looking for. :wink:
    Hey Lita, Life just got really busy. Summer is short in Montana and I was out taking advantage of every moment! Got gallons of elderberry, chokecherry, and crabapple juice in my freezer to make into jellies and syrups. I also have gallons of huckleberries for jam and pies. I also have gallons of sliced apples for pies, sauce and applebutter in the freezer. It was fun going out and picking all of the berries. My garden when crazy on me too, so i had an awesome harvest. Now it's hunting season!..... lol..... *huggers*
    *waves* Sorry, I got busy fighting on the boards. LOL (Garbage Wilson! hehehe)
    But, it felt like it needed to get that awesome Lita vibe back in it, I was trying to post alot to get it going again, but it was missing the right vibe. So I figured I should lay low for a bit.
    boo !

    Sorry, I'm out of sorts for whatever reason. Politics is even losing it's thrall. The unmitigated crazies in the news through August has caused me to begin tuning out. the yammer yammer yammer too. I'm sure I'll re-find my moorings soon :)
    I was just trying to catch up in your swinging joint, but I'm too tired. I'll wander back in tomorrow night. Get some rest.
    Oh, honey ((((( hugs and sympathies ))))) damn it's been a tough August ...... you take time to take care of Lovely Lita. If you need something painted, give me a call ;)

    ( LOL ! )

    ((((( Lita and friend's family and ex's family and Inferno's family )))))))
    Yes, I'm okay. Thx for missing me! Didn't mean to worry anyone. I headed down to NY last Thursday for my uncle's funeral. I've been wrestling with damn painting and cleaning and reorganizing stuff the days before, and since, trying to finish. I didn't know setting out to paint a wall b/c a shelf fell down was going to turn into a month-long odyssey! Hope you are well !
    yeah we are thinking that this is the spot where we will move to permanently. Mia is ready to have me settle down
    i am home the speech went so well. some 2000 people were in attendance. Mia cried and ate 10 pounds of desert. i had a great time and loved every second of the gathering. your picture received a standing ovation.
    i heard from Alice. there were 1500 people present at the dinner last night for Del. she said it was unbelievable and she had an awesome time.
    i am working on my speech / talk. when i finish i will pm you with it. it will not be very long i assure you. hugzzzz Katie
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