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  • this is a very busy time in my industry. the Oscars are coming up and i have been so busy with that. I am about 14 pages from the end of the 7th rewrite of the script. i should have it next week. hugzzzz
    That is a compliment I will treasure more than all the gold in Ft Knox.

    Are you well?
    Lita the lovely, I'm so sorry about your mom, but as you say miricles can happen .
    I understand your feeling of helplessnes it's like you want to do something but you feel so restraigned, so helpless.
    As for me I turn to my faith.
    When I heard about Katie I shut everything off locked my door and spent 20 hrs praying and greiving in search of a meaning why this is happening why a little girl why not me instead
    In truth I have no answer it just is.
    I beleive in miricles but I am prepared for the worse
    It may sound harsh but in my opinion you can not dwell on sorrow you can only deal with it.
    You are and shall always be a true friend when sorrow finds you remember although I am not with you in person I stand by you in spirit.
    I thank you and you are always in my prayers as well as your family especialy your mother
    I thank you for your comments lovely Lita.

    For the first time I must confess I have not been entirely straight with you.

    A thought that has weighed heavy on my mind., for I have always tried to be a truthful person.

    I ask this stays between us,but the truth is the doctors are not sending Katie home because she is better.
    It is because there is nothing more they can do for her condition.
    Although the doctors told my daughter she should get in touch with the "MAKE A WISH " foundation.
    I still have faith, it is in Gods hands now.

    Do not misunderstand me I'm not writeing this to make you sad but to tell you the truth.

    This forum doesn't need to hear more sadness I'm still getting over Inferno's passing.
    So please keep this as quite as you can. you are a true friend.
    hey lita after all the attention you showed me and the kindness you have given me for my grand daughters health I figured you should at least have a picture. This is Katie.

    nita (Juanita Preston harczynski) | MySpace
    Hey, Lita,
    What happened to the Tiki bar thread nobody's been on there in two days.
    You are too kind lovely Lita.
    I too beleive in angles on high,but also the angles like you and others on the Tiki Bar Tread.

    So hows things with you this holiday season?
    Hope Santa brings you what you want but I gotta tell ya getting a handsome millionare down the chiminey isn't going to be easy.lol,lol
    Hi Lita,
    I guess I missed yesterday , had some business to take care of.
    Katie is out of the coma and off the respirator.
    She is awake but still remains week.
    The doctor says things are looking much better
    I can not speeak for others about how they feel about the power of prayer and well wishes, but as for me I beleive.
    I'm going to the Tiki Bar thread to thank everybody
    you welcumen for the prayer. i t is small but is the best for now that i do. you are sweet people and my love is outs to you mum. i pray for her as we flying to our home. seën jou moeder. is bless ou mother in our new language. Mia
    that would be so wonderful. and i am serious you would not need your purse. i would take care of everything. a lot of it is free anyway as a member of my guilds. we would just need you dress size and the designer of your choice. you would be hot. Mia would love to meet you as well. she says that she put your mother in the Wall. she is praying for your entire family. she sends love.
    well you have an open invite to the event. it goes on every year. i know this might not be a good year for it but maybe next one. if enough people were coming i would certainly get you to CA and back. it would be so lovely just to meet you. i can see you dancing now to Elton John playing Your Song. hugzzzz sweetie. i will try and get on line as soon as i can to see how your mom is doing.
    you are in CA i think that is what you said. i will be in LA in early Feb. the night of the 2nd is the Academy Awards. i will be there but after they have all the great party's. i have talked to Shep and he is in. i have talked to GD and he is in. i can't get you into the awards but i can get you into the party's. i would be happy to get you a dress. i can get it on loan from a designer. the girls get together and get dolled up. that means you and Mia. shep gd and i get our tux's on. Mia and i go to the awards then we meet and hit the party's.
    if a few people come i would get a block of rooms so we all have a place to stay. if you have a beau bring him and i'll get him a tux. what do you say.
    A online tutorial on how to play the famous card game Euchre. :wink:

    Euchre:There IS no Other Card Game
    I stole it from somebody, long ago, can't remember who. Take it, and enjoy! *snort*

    heheheh .... ((((( hugs )))))
    Hey Lites! LOL that snort thing makes me smile almost every time. You can almost hear the sound, yea? Glad you rested and napped. IA, had a blast Fri night. On, um .... music night. ROFL !!!!
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