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    Why would you own an assault rifle?

    Homicides in 2009 Handguns 6503 Rifles 352 Shotguns 424 Other not specified 96 or type unknown Firearms type not stated 1828 Knives or cutting objects 1836 Blunt Objects 623 Personal weapons 815 Hands, fist, feet, pushing, etc. After hurricane Katrina New Orleans had gangs with AK's...
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    Quizzes to match you to a candidate

    Gary Johnson 99% All issues Ron Paul 99% Everything except for immigration Virgil Goode 61% Foreign policy, domestic policy, and environment Mitt Romney 54% Domestic policy Jimmy McMillan 23% Domestic policy Jill Stein 18% Immigration Stewart Alexander 15% Foreign Policy Last and least...
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    Should Soldiers Be Considered Heros?

    It is off topic, I don't know why you even brought it up. I'm just not gonna let some butcher history to prove something. Which I still never could grasp the point you were trying to make.
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    Should Soldiers Be Considered Heros?

    You completely missed the point of what I wrote. I was just stating that the Moro people were apart of the different Sultanates. You said the Moro and the Sulu Sultanate were seperate, correct? Which is false, you could have said that some of the Moro nobles did not abide by the Sulu Sultans...
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    Should Soldiers Be Considered Heros?

    Your mixing everything up, making it sound like a huge battle royale. The secret militant society fought for the republic right? The conflicts between the Moro and Americans were a seperate event from the Filipino insurrection. Then you have to add the Moros to the different Sultanates, for...
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    Rugged Individualism: Liberal or Conservative

    Classical liberalism, liberalism before the 20th century. Libertarians are pretty much neo-classical liberals, though few libertarians I know realise this heh. Then again, I don't know to many ;) Anyway, a few you may know are John Locke, Jean-Baptiste Say, Frederic Bastiat, Lysander Spooner...
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    Voting: Right or privilege?

    Thats pretty funny, don't even know what to say to that one lol... Thats a little extreme to me. Anywho, here are our state requirements. When you go to the polls to cast your vote in an election, be sure to take one of the following:* -a driver's license, -a Louisiana Special ID, or -some...
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    Should Soldiers Be Considered Heros?

    No soldiers are not heroes, that is just rediculous, though a guy jumping on a frag could easily be a hero, being a soldier does not automatically make an individual a hero. I wouldn't bring up the philippines haha... How many did Americans kill in the Philippine-American War, their war for...
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    Is Venezuela's Chavez a threat to American National Security?

    Which is stupid, Saudis are way worse than Iranians. Where were most of the 9/11 terrorist from? Yes yes, damn Saudis in their Audis... Anyway, I bet a 100 bucks we have more friends in Iran than we do in Saudi Arabia, not in government, I mean the people. Though we are going to push the...
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    What minor party has the best chance to become a major party?

    A lot of police feel that way now. Well the ones I personally know. Someone will produce it, doesn't have to be a corporation. When someone OD's on scrips what happens? Anyway this is where personal responsibility should kick in. Never did horse, euuuwww... Don't know people that do...
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    Louisiana's bold bid to privatize schools

    Really what we started arguing about is evolution in schools. I said it is their choice what they learn, it doesnt mean they will become unproductive members of society. He reinforced this argument with, a doctor that doesnt believe in evolution can't perform his/her duties. Such as them not...
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    Louisiana's bold bid to privatize schools

    Still wont answer the question. Your saying if I know that a virus evolves or bacteria, especially because we can observe this in a laboratory, that human evolution has to be fact. It is not fact, the evidence leans toward it, yes! Why am I against science? Umm I believe in evolution silly...
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    Louisiana's bold bid to privatize schools

    I love webster! Though it is somewhat lacking on the definition you have provided. Madrasah ʿāmmah (Arabic: مدرسة عامة‎) translates as "public school" Madrasah ḫāṣṣah (Arabic: مدرسة خاصة‎) translates as "private school" Madrasah dīniyyah (Arabic: مدرسة دينية‎) translates as "religious...
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    Louisiana's bold bid to privatize schools

    No problem, their are some good catholic schools here. If your using it to describe a Muslim school, no most likely not.
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    Louisiana's bold bid to privatize schools

    Not sure what's so scary about it. I'm not afraid of religions for some reason. Even when individuals in that religion try to blow me up ;)
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