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    No white Xmas for me...but at least Im not alone

    It was in the 70's yesterday here. I wanted to turn the air on, got 78 in my room at night. Cooler today though. Right nice weather for December.
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    Discussion for Forum Friendship commitment

    Same person, i change my name at every new board I join. Heard mention of this drama over there and can looking for it over here to see if I could find out more. I wasn't playin on thus board when all this went down so don't know nothin about it, or didn't.
  3. LiberalNation

    Evan Bayh bows out of the race

    Was he ever in the race, it hasn't even started yet. Let’s wait till its little closer 08. A lot of good candidates will pop onto the radar.
  4. LiberalNation

    Discussion for Forum Friendship commitment

    So are the two boards friends or not. I have a feelin not. Oh the drama.
  5. LiberalNation

    Best form of education

    Of course not they do it all at the last minute like highschool kids everywhere. As long as it goods done, that's what matters.
  6. LiberalNation

    Best form of education

    Actually that doesn't sound like a bad system. I'd love to have it that way here.
  7. LiberalNation

    Cow 'emissions' more damaging to planet than CO2 from cars

    They must be stopped before they destroy the planet.
  8. LiberalNation

    Rep. Jefferson Wins Re-Election in La.

    :sigh: Well it is Louisiana we're taling about.
  9. LiberalNation

    Breaking Rank, Sen. Smith (R) Calls for Quick Withdrawal from Iraq

    So it's called a smart double standard. They are not our friends if they were we probably wouldn't mind them getting nukes so much.
  10. LiberalNation

    Do you believe there should be a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?

    I think passing this amendment could come back to bite the conservatives in the *** in the long run. If the Amendment bans Gay Marriage, I believe in 30 to 40 years when our society moves into an even more liberal and tolerant era, that the electorate might just overturn the Amendment. The day...
  11. LiberalNation

    Who would you vote for in 2008 if the candidates were Hillary & Condy?

    Hillary, out with Bush and company in which Rice is most certainly a part. We need to set a new course for this country and the best way to start that will be to kick this current administration out the Whitehouse as soon as possible.
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    Jury awards $61 million to two FedEx drivers in harassment suit

    Re: ridiculous American legal award #9,999,999 Harassment is wrong and should not be tolerated but I think 61 million dollar in damages for something like this is a bit much. They were not damaged that much by it. You don't deserve that kind of money for something like this IMO. These types of...
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    Do US Soldiers on the ground respect Iraqis?

    I don't know if the PM is completely correct about our troops but there is some truth in his statement. In the end if most Iraqis don't think we respect them or their lives we will never be able to win the peace over there. I believe most of them probably feel about the same way as their PM...
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    Dixie Chicks fly to No. 1 in first full week of album sales

    What.:doh Well this has just turned out to be the most productive of debates.:(
  15. LiberalNation

    Dixie Chicks fly to No. 1 in first full week of album sales

    Sheehan did and the Dixie Chicks are now. You can comment in both places. They are commenting here, there, and Sheehan is doing it anywhere someone might here her. Sheehan is a publicity whore, don't worry she will make comments bashing America on American soil as well as to foreigners.
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