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    Does Atheism Inherently Endorse Nihilism?

    We are forced to make an observation and to some extent, color it with our bias (dependent on social/economic climate, morals, religion, values, etc). However, how we choose react to these observations which define "our" reality is what composes our free will. We ar enot the products of our own...
  2. liberal1

    Does Atheism Inherently Endorse Nihilism?

    And, if so, is it a bad thing?
  3. liberal1

    Power and Freedom (in reply to Mach)

    For who does that authority reside however, to determine what society is "enlightened." Is war a viable option so that the enlightened one's ideals may be spread around to the ignorant? A slippery slope indeed if the self-righteous consider the enforcing of their ideals to have paramount...
  4. liberal1

    Why Do Democrats Keep Siding With Criminals?

    Why liberals side with criminals... It's because liberals are spineless, inferiorly moral, and support evil. I thought everyone knew that anyone opposed to lieberalism has the moral highground, and that the only reason the democratic party exists is for the sake of the destruction of this...
  5. liberal1

    The Pro-Choice of Life

    Pro choicers believe that the fetus isn't alive, and thus it isn't murder to perform an abortion. Pro lifers believe that the entity within the womb is alive. As neither side is willing to except the other's, reasonable debate is thrown up to God's will, the lack of God, and debates on who has...
  6. liberal1

    Is this a God - one of a religion?

    Yes, though whether your belief fits into an existing religion is yet to be decided. Certainly, contemporary religions will shun you away if this is the limit of your beliefs as there is no inbetween, either you accept us to force feed you manufactured philosophy and save your eternal soul, or...
  7. liberal1

    Terror is only ok when America/Israel does it

    Re: Terror is only ok when America/Isreal does it Yes, and what's the problem with beheading people as a form of death, at least as it is versus our system of lethal injections and what not?
  8. liberal1

    Abortion: A persons right to choose

    Repeating the old argument, but here it goes... The point of debate has left the building unless both sides are (at the very least) willing to aknowledge where the other is coming from, the first step to recognizing that your position may be wrong. Here, we have two sides, unwilling to back down...
  9. liberal1

    The Good and Bad in Materialism and Consumerism

    Greed is the primal instinct inherent in all humans, or rather, the want to prosper. Capitalism harnessed that nature for its its success, and the concept of materialism is at the basis of capitalistic nature. For the reigning economic system in America to survive, so must materialism and...
  10. liberal1

    Brooklyn Free School

    How can we expect a generation that is notorious for struggling to reach mediiocre standards, to motivate themselves with little or no direction in an area that puts no pressure on them whatsoever to reach even mediocre standards? I know that it is a sacreligious sin in the U.S. to incorporate...
  11. liberal1

    What would happen if we leave Iraq like we did in Vietnam?

    The government, despite being "democratic," has no where near the power to compete with the militant factions that are there. Seems like we believe that when a government is chosen by the people, the country's problems are over with, hardly so in this case. Open civil war is on the brink...
  12. liberal1

    Where in the constitution do peolpe get Freedom of speech as a right?

    Posts like this are quite frankly, inane, as it abandons all common sense and stages its attack based upon loopholes and misinterpretations. Like any state is going to specifically announce that it prohibits free speech, come on people...
  13. liberal1

    FIFA World Cup

    Simple analysis on the surviving teams in the quarterfinal round: Brazil has the most offensive talent of any team, definetly sailing through to the finals because France is historically an underachiever, I don't care if you do have Henry. England is by tradition, a footballing team that has...
  14. liberal1

    Syriana...Am I stupid

    At last someone I can sympathize with! Throughout the whole movie they make a big deal of Clooney's superior language skills, and then he stands there, with his white t-shirt, and does nothing! Pretty sure though that he was trying to stop the assanation, and that Damon was just an unknowing and...
  15. liberal1

    Roman Gods?

    How does christianity differ from the Roman Gods, that is, how can christians confirm that they have divine providence and all other religions concerning a God or multiple gods are invalid?
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