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  1. LawyerGirl

    A Vietnam War Reader: American and Vietnamese prespectives.

    I have not read it but would be very interested in getting the Vietnamese perspective on the war. I'm sure it was very difficult for their people. We were interested in bringing them democracy for their own freedom but also in the interest of spreading our own world view which is the...
  2. LawyerGirl

    Watchman's Rattle by Rebecca Costa

    It sounds like an interesting read. However, I think coming up with theories in a book and actual real world application are two very different things. However, one must obviously come up with a plan to do our best to slow these things down or stop them. I might give it a further look on your...
  3. LawyerGirl

    Review: The Economic Approach to Human Behavior

    It sounds as though this book contains some very interesting perspectives on the economy that hadn't been presented before. I am no economist so it would likely be a difficult read for me as well but I might give it a shot and read each chapter 2x like you said. I have good math skills so...
  4. LawyerGirl

    N.Korea's cunning scheme to disrupt the nuke talks

    They're just doing there normal song and dance to get everyone off their backs for a while. This is what they always do. If they want to make nuclear weapons, they're going to make them, given the ability. This is just holding people off from attacking or imposing further sanctions upon them...
  5. LawyerGirl

    Real Bias in the Media: Case Study, Dishonesty at a new level.

    Yeah the amount of bias is overwhelming as most of us understand. This is a very article to show the bias. I think as viewers, we all just need to realize this and take everything with a grain of salt as opposed to launching movements to change the media. If what we want is an honest news...
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