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    Do you support theocracies?

    Both. The concept of and implementation of theocracies. Personally, I am against almost all theocracies. There are few cases where an entire population holds the same religion. It can easily lead to portions of the population being suppressed or having a lack of voice in their government.
  2. Jucon

    Do you support theocracies?

    Why or why not? Which ones do you / would you support? Which are you / would you be against? Edit: Also, how do you feel theocracies should be dealt with (or not dealt with) by the international community? Feel free to give real or hypothetical situations to explain your view.
  3. Jucon

    Iran army declines comment on MP's Hormuz exercise remarks

    And then spend 10 years and trillions of dollars attempting to fix their country? Thanks, but no thanks. Perhaps you should look into what happened in Iraq and learn a lesson from it.
  4. Jucon

    Iranians say they shot down a US spy plane

    I have no reason to doubt this is the real deal. Why else would the American government not be coming out and saying "that is not real"? Has anyone seen pictures of it? Looks insanely well designed! Makes me think of Terminator I am curious how some people can be so confident that Iran does...
  5. Jucon

    Do you support term limits

    In a world where I trust everyone I'd be willing to accept no term limits for anyone... but I trust people in power very little. I think of places like Egypt, Syria, Lybia,... where their "leaders" were able to hold on to power for so long. They clearly have rigged the system to hold onto power...
  6. Jucon

    Should it be treason for a President to break their promises made to get elected?

    There's a huge difference between breaking one's word and being unable to pass something through the other legislative branches of government. You may vote for a candidate thinking they have great liberal or conservative (or other) ideas, but you cannot forget that there is still a divide in...
  7. Jucon

    They did it on purpose

    Oh how the tables have turned. It's about time that the Republicans got a taste of their own medicine. However I do consider it a possibility that BOTH Republican and Democratic leaders were planning on this the whole time. Given how divided government is right now, there's no way they could...
  8. Jucon

    Do you support repealing the automatic trigger or changing it?

    I applaude Obama for standing firm on this issue. The politicians who are turning heals right now are pathetic. Let the automatic cuts happen!
  9. Jucon

    Is the Florida DOT "See the Blindspots" video too graphic?

    Warning: This video may be graphic to some viewers. It shows short clips of pedestrians being hit by vehicles. http://www.seetheblindspots.com/ (I think the site is currently being overloaded with viewers, so it may be difficult to load) Florida DOT Website Features Video Of Pedestrians Being...
  10. Jucon

    How long will they blame Obama

    I'm looking forward to seeing the way the next Republican president is treated by the media. I unfortunately was not big into politics during the Bush presidency, so I cannot remember how he was treated at the conservative news organization Fox News. I'm willing to bet we will see a flip flop of...
  11. Jucon

    Occupy Oakland Video

    A Occupy Oakland protest video The ending shows a group huddled around an injured girl when suddenly a flash bang explodes right in the middle of them. She is then seen being carried away completely disoriented. Anyone else not hear about this in the media? It disgusts me how the majority...
  12. Jucon

    Is the "Slipper Slope Theory" a valid concept?

    How could you answer this question any other way than maybe? It really depends on what we are talking about. Here's a ridiculous (and offensive, I might add) "slippery slope" example for you... gay marriage will lead to people being allowed to marrying animals.
  13. Jucon

    Police, Protesters Clash at Occupy SD

    Message begins at 2:25, but feel free to watch the entire thing...
  14. Jucon

    this isn't working

    How ironic... the only people who voted "keep multiple votes easy" were all guests. I've been asking the moderators for a while to do something about these "guest" votes which are being abused by IMO a (or multiple) disgruntled conservative forum user who is hell bent on "sticking it to them...
  15. Jucon

    Police, Protesters Clash at Occupy SD

    What isn't clear about stopping greed and social inequality today? And what wasn't clear about peace and love in the 60s and 70s? I would really like to know how much are some of you reading into these protests? I've read countless articles and watched numerous videos, both from the news and...
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