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    Why minimum wage should be $26 an hour

    If minimum wage increased to $26 / hour, it would eventually just become the new $7.25 / hour, as more money would initially be available, people would spend more more and the prices of goods and services would increase because of that demand. Instead of increasing minimum wage, why not...
  2. jotathought

    Al Sharpton's border trip descends into farce as he is heckled during 150-second speech

    Al Sharpton, the professional race baiter who only cares about immigrants when their skin is black; Meanwhile, the media concocts a story about patrol officers whipping immigrants instead of focus on the illegal immigration crisis happening now under Biden. C'mon man .. the buck stops...
  3. jotathought

    Transgender toddler.

    Yes ... because 3 & 4 year olds understand this concept. They can't sign contracts or drive, but they sure can make life changing decisions.
  4. jotathought

    Why conservatives are large percentage of unvaccinated

    This is where my mind was as well ... considering black americans are disproportionately less likely to get vaccinated, and they clearly don't typically align with politically on the conservative side. Regardless .. let's humor that a majority of "anti-vaxxers" are conservative .. and they...
  5. jotathought

    Approval of U.S. Supreme Court Down to 40%, a New Low

    I wouldn't hesitate to say a majority of voters in the United States, would be considered low-information voters. How many of today's voters even know what the Supreme Court does, and can name the members of it? The most likely outcome is .. very few.
  6. jotathought

    Do you know any anti-vaxxers?

    Obesity, heart disease, asthma, gunshot wounds, etc... Yes .. exactly.
  7. jotathought

    Biden banned Border Patrol horses. What an a-hole.

    Yes .. The Biden Administration bans the use of horses by border agents (which are about 50% Latino) after the media falsely clarified using whips on illegal immigrants. Meanwhile .. while this story is distracting the mainstream, the Biden administration is also releasing Haitians in the...
  8. jotathought

    Why conservatives are large percentage of unvaccinated

    When you state "conservatives are large percentage of unvaccinated .." I don't see what that percentage is .. What is the percentage?
  9. jotathought

    [W:171] AOC and ‘Squad’ Defund Israel’s Iron Dome Defence System from Democrats’ $1Bn Spending Bill

    Sigh .. using your logic .. when one doesn't suck AOCs dick, that doesn't make them a racist. Get real .. This group of congresswomen are pathetic ..
  10. jotathought

    Trump's Putsch

    ... meanwhile .. I really don't care how an anonymous, internet personality perceives me, using language they are unable to explain. Touche'
  11. jotathought

    Do you know any anti-vaxxers?

    It doesn't change that those with pre-existing conditions are the primary target for COVID deaths. Get a grip.
  12. jotathought

    Do you know any anti-vaxxers?

    True statement .. now .. what long term effects have we seen from those contracting COVID? Do tell? And what percentage of infected people experience these long-term effects?
  13. jotathought

    Do you know any anti-vaxxers?

    Stating the science is considered "writing off" an entire generation? 30+ million Americans were diagnosed with heart disease in 2018 - 2019 (that's roughly 10% of the population), and nearly 650K Americans die each year from these outcomes. That's fact .. science .. and when you add a...
  14. jotathought

    Do you know any anti-vaxxers?

    Let's get it right .. Under the Biden administration, there have been nearly 300K deaths (compared to Trumps 400K deaths for 2020); Regardless, we'll have to agree to disagree on COVID deaths, as it primarily targets older individuals and/or those with pre-existing conditions (and evidently...
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