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  1. J

    Senate permits national debt to grow to $9,000,000,000,000

    Iriemon that is a good point it is truly about politics (i.e votes) not our fiscal security.
  2. J

    Senate permits national debt to grow to $9,000,000,000,000

    America is screwed. This will happen again next year if not before. Why not just raise taxes?
  3. J

    NHL anyone?

    The Habs were beat tonight but the Washington Capitals. Bleck!! C'mon Habs...
  4. J

    Favorite Food?

    Pizza, and spaghetti.
  5. J

    Tom DeLay and my flight to Houston

    You didn't get his autograph?:2razz:
  6. J

    Hello-Any Fellow PoliticalForum.com Migrants?

    Weird about PF.com. I sent you a pm.:2razz:
  7. J

    Vauge: How did you advertise this site?

    You and I orginally had a post exchange when we started our respective political sites and yours has really taken off. I am looking for advice.
  8. J

    Hello-Any Fellow PoliticalForum.com Migrants?

    How did it crash? I read there and I noticed it was down.
  9. J


    I finally remembered my password!
  10. J

    adopt a military member

    Thanks I was looking for something like this yesterday.
  11. J


    Fixed. Thanks for noticing.
  12. J


    Just checking in and saying hi.
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