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  1. J

    Are all Star Wars Fans geeks?

    Five Blockbusters... Are you talking about Kevin Smith's Clerks Series? Clerks Mallrats Chasing Amy Dogma Jay and Silent Bob' Strike Back ^^^ That Series kicks Star Wars a$$...
  2. J

    I'm Young, But I can Still Voice my Opinion with the Best

    :rofl You know you love me. :D
  3. J

    I'm Young, But I can Still Voice my Opinion with the Best

    good to know, I am just gonna have to find the others... and thankz for the warm welcome... :lol:
  4. J

    Bush thinks he's the rebirth of Christ

    I am trying to post a Valid response in every topic, yet you keep responding with meager 3 word responses with no valid Argument what so ever, will you try to engage in conversation that means something?
  5. J

    Micheal Jackson

    My parent did not allow me to do this, yet, being a teenager, parents really have no say in what you do or you do not do. It is so easy just to tell them to F off and walk away.
  6. J

    A Bill To Ban Abortion.

    Advise well taken, thanks, Will keep it in mind for the future. Yet, even though it is not legally determined that It cant think till the 6 months, ummm... I actually can't come up with an argument for that :( well, I'll keep your advise in mind as I go try to win a debate... lol
  7. J

    Micheal Jackson

    I definantly couldn't have said it better myself. I agree with that whole thing, children up until the age of 14-15 are completely impreshionable. Me, being 13 will admit to have given into some very idiotic things because of the peer pressure. I am sad to say that I have cut my wrist because of...
  8. J

    A Bill To Ban Abortion.

    Even Though, the women is the carrier, we men, should be able to share are side of the argument. Even though we may never be able to carry a baby :( we still do have the feeling of fatherhood, and an abortion of your wife's child is not only an emotional burden on the mother, but an emotional...
  9. J

    BOSTON COLLAGE $42000 per year

    In My Opinion, I think that it is pointless to go to a college unless you are sent there on a scholarship. What is the point in spending 42,000 a year on a Education that people have made million without. It's very pointless, and the money that you make from that deploma will probably just be...
  10. J

    Micheal Jackson

    I voted for other, because I beleive that as this case starts to look bleaker for Jackson he will break down and commit suicide... this is just my opinion ;)
  11. J

    Death Penalty / Over 18

    IMO, The death penalty should be for people from the age of 13 over, just for the fact, 13 is the age where everything really seems to come into focus. A 6 year old wont know better if the whacked another kid to death with a screwdriver, its just stupid for punishing them, blatant idiocy. If...
  12. J

    A simple Yes or No with a short explanation.

    It's not my fault I am a male, you are the one who is acting sexist, saying we can't know anything just because of our gender. My mom was a wreck thinking about the abortion, but she finally got the bigger picture, and realized as I see that it is wrong to kill something that you created on your...
  13. J

    Internet Played Bigger Role in U.S. Politics in '04

    I am suprised as you are, from the forums I have been on, some of them had over 22000 members and all of them seemed to have some interesting opinions...
  14. J

    I'm Young, But I can Still Voice my Opinion with the Best

    Hola, Me llamo Jess and me come to this forum after searching google, I did something stupid, but as vauge told me in pm, I should stay after i worked it out with the person who shall remain nameless... I am 13 but, I still have an opinion and I would like to voice it. and it would be cool to be...
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