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  • Hey jackalope. I'm travelling so I don't have much time right now to banter. But nice to get the hello!
    What grade are you in again? I forgot if you said. Are SATs etc coming up for you (if you're a junior)?
    killer hot yesterday ... I didn't even bother looking to see what the temp was. I just felt like the wicked witch of the west ... I was me-elting....me-elting .... although a bucket of water thrown over me would have helped (ref - in case you don't know ask he of the trivial mind ... but suspect you do even though you don't come from Kansas or the emerlad city)

    bummer about you not getting your snow! I would love to have snow. its like having wet feathers falling on your head and walking on velvet.

    mind you too much I'm not so sure about!
    oops sorry about that. that was my bad lol

    i'll try :) heading to school in a few minutes here lol
    LOLz pottymouth - I haven't been called that in years! couldn't help myself! mind you I am not sure about the company in the dungeon ....its a regular trolleria!
    Hey Jack, thanks for the tip about using the 'wall'. Ha, I didn't even know it was called that, so heaven knows why bower said that about me. I'm as dumb as a post most of the time. :)
    Actually, I'm not blonde in any of my pics. LOL The light may be off, but my hair is naturally dark brown/auburn highlights. The closest I came to blonde is a reddish dye job. I did blonde once when I was in my 20s... not for me. :) Thanks though.. you're a doll! Not sure why I thought your b-day was recently... I had a gray moment. :3oops:
    LOL That's me minus glasses with my naturally curly hair. : P I'm currently trying to grow it out again. We'll see. That profile pic is a couple years old.
    Didn't I read somewhere that your birthday was today... or was it yesterday? Tomorrow?


    Hey Jackie, Thanks, I'll check it out there. I've done that a time or three myself! LOL!

    How are you doing?
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