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  • Excuse me girlfriend, can you please get your ass over to the tiki thread so you can have a piece of cake, a beer, and a little smoke for your b-day!!!!
    Thank-you for the welcome - I think I might join the PF refugees forum - sounds interesting!!
    jackers mate, devil is signed into the tavern, lets give him a good welcome,I know you understand his predicament
    Are you telling me we're out of whiskey! :eek:

    While I'm at it I'll get a pot of coffee going too
    Inferno was pretty special, she brought many here (including me, even tho she was in a coma by the time I found it). Just saw your post hugzzzz back atcha. So sooo sad.
    that site seems to have lost much. so many posters left when Inferno did. mow it appears that more are getting the hell out of Dodge as well. sad state of affairs. i looked up the thread on Alice and posted the final results as to what happened to her. hugzzzz
    Mia and i were out of touch for the past two weeks. i will be posting again for a bit. did you know that Del's (inferno) wife Alice has passed away. it was not a friendly death. she took her own life. this was two weeks ago. we are getting over all the tragedy. hugzzzz
    Hey girl! Yes, it was a late one, basically rested yesterday, napped when I could, but I had a good time the other night, freaking hilarious!!! *snort* lol....
    So far it seems cool here. Yeah, PF is even more overrun than ever... Catawba and Metrophobe both quit which means it's likely to get worse... So I'm not giving up on PF yet, but definitely looking for some alternate options... I saw you, anikdote, metro and cat are all here, so looks like the place to be ;)
    oh Jack! Thanks so much my friend! Stop in tomorrow k? I'm heading off in a minute!!! ((hugs))
    Would your mom like this?

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