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    General Patton!

    actually if it hadn't been for Grant....from what i've read...I think Winfield Hancock would have been a good politician....and look at Chamberlain after he came home after the war to maine.....there are some generals who could be good politicians
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    General Patton!

    actually that was the McAuliffe's reply when the germans asked the 101st airborne to surrender at Bastogne...Patton never said that http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/bulge/sfeature/sf_footage_04.html
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    The What If Game

    What if the confederate states had won the civil war?
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    Iraq Invasion

    You know I was talking with some friends the other day and I thought of a great thing to relate Iraq to. Vietnam....when we leave Iraq the terrorists will just take over, and all those lives will be lost in vein
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    Isn't it possible that there our some things unexplainible to science? We don't know. But that is where faith comes in. Faith in our religion. Let me ask you. What can it hurt to have faith in a religion? In God? Afterall isn't it better to be safe than sorry?
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    so don't you find it weird that our soul doesnt go anywhere? and even if it didn't, where did we come from?
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    17 Dead because of liberal media bias

    you know...i remember when FOX in the 2000 election posted that bush had won when it had not been official...republicans raised hell about the recount and Bush won.....liberal or republican, we both make mistakes...really what does being liberal have anything to do with this? what happened was...
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    School uniforms

    Here is a fact at my school: The dress code is NOT enforced unless the principle makes a statement every once in awhile. Let me ask you this. Why is allowing kids to vote for uniforms or not out of the question? you may say it isnt but my school district wouldnt let kids vote...instead they let...
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    Worst Person of All Time

    Worst Person of All Time: Hitler Worst President of All Time: Bush either way between hitler and bush, they do have a few things in common...they started an unnecessary war and as hitlers soldier's did, ours are dying for an unjust cause...causing many innocent people to die
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    assault weapons

    show me where in the U.S. there are more saved lives with guns than deaths by accidental, and intended gun killings....i bet you won't find it...and no NRA and republican sites dont count
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    Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

    many people are against darwin's theory but evidence is more than substancial. So, should we teach this in Science?
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    Cheerleaders dancing sexy?

    of course this shouldnt be made into a law....i really think that the people who made up this law sort of forgot what its like to be a kid...and the "point" of this story is that the government is just slapping on more laws to opress kids...really they think we're irrisponsible, reckless...
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    Is anti-gay unconstitutional

    I don't agree with the idea of a guy and a guy or a girl and a girl, and yes they do know this.
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    Is anti-gay unconstitutional

    Look, gay people are everywhere. Some of my friends are gay. I don't agree with their lifestyle but they are some of the nicest people it has ever been my pleasure to know. You can't magicly make a gay person disapear. They are out there and you will see some of them. So why is a wedding ring so...
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    Clinton adviser: Kerry ran inconsistent campaign

    i think Hillary could possibly be our first woman president...she has the popularity to do it.
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