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  1. Howler63

    By how much % will Trump lose to or beat Clinton by in November?

    I think it will be more of a repudiation of Trump than any love for Hillary. But since so many Republicans will sit on their hands or vote 3rd party..she will win large.
  2. Howler63

    White Support for Black Lives Matter

    If you're white and your out there chanting for BLM, you're a patsy. A useful idiot.
  3. Howler63

    The Trans Bathroom issue easily explained.

    If they're men, then use the men's room. Why not? Why wouldn't a man use the men's room? Why would he want to use the ladies facilities?
  4. Howler63

    Gender Identity and the New Laws

    That's because the agenda isn't about comfort in public restrooms as much it is about gaining "normalcy" for a tiny fraction of society who are anything but normal. The LGBT 'community' wants nothing in this world more than to be seen as normal and mainstream. However, the truth of the matter...
  5. Howler63

    Planned Parenthood clinics to help register voters [W:217]

    More abortions, less thieves and murderers. Eugenics works and Planned Parenthood is the tip of that spear. Margaret Sanger would be proud.
  6. Howler63

    Gender Identity and the New Laws

    Of course some of the dinks here don't think a right to comfort in a public restroom exists. And yet they make laws to make these men in dresses comfortable.
  7. Howler63

    The Trans Bathroom issue easily explained.

    Oh, I get it. You're a troll. You're being obsequies on purpose. Not a problem. Welcome to ignore.
  8. Howler63

    The Trans Bathroom issue easily explained.

    Let's play your game then. If there is no right to feel comfortable in a public restroom, then why bother with male/female designations in the first place? I'll tell you why...comfort. Just because a right isn't written down anywhere doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I'll even put it another...
  9. Howler63

    The Trans Bathroom issue easily explained.

    No it doesn't. It keeps them OUT of women's rooms.
  10. Howler63

    The Trans Bathroom issue easily explained.

    The same 'right' that the tranny has to go into a woman's bathroom. I mean, if it isn't about being conformable, then what IS it about?
  11. Howler63

    The Trans Bathroom issue easily explained.

    And he can use the bathroom he was born to use. It has nothing to do with prejudice. Men in dresses don't belong in women's bathrooms.
  12. Howler63

    Should we abolish the idea of "states" in the usa?

    No, the idea of a broken USA should be banished. The power belongs in the hands of the people, not a ubiquitous federal government. State governments are much closer and thus much more accountable to the people. A strong central government is the BANE of Liberty and Freedom.
  13. Howler63

    The Trans Bathroom issue easily explained.

    That's not the issue though, is it? Why must his comfort outweigh hers?
  14. Howler63

    To those who date women --- do you feel deceived by her makeup?

    A light dusting, a little lip gloss and a spritz is fine. Your examples are big fat lies. Reminds me of the old saying "I've never gone to bed with an ugly woman, but I've woken up with quite a few!"
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