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Horatius Cocles
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  • Hello, pleasure to make your acquaintance. Have we met before?

    By the way, I'm going to be going away for quite a while very soon, don't be offended if I don't respond to your answer for a while.
    i see your point i think im going for more of a pathos style of argument as in he was a hero because he was self-sacrificing cared for the people things of that nature
    I think obviously that he was committed to his cause, but also consider his focoism incorrect. More focus should have been made on the popular 26 of July movement IMO, as only through experience in the struggle can the working classes and their allies gain experience and raise their consciousness. Because they didn't, the revolution was pretty much degenerated from the get-go.
    Well first off what are your positions on him as a person based on his actions
    im praising him in my paper as a hero or as courageous
    Ah, thanks for that; I forgot about that thread. What do you want to know about Che? I haven't studied any of that stuff in years, though.
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